Alain Bombard

Picture of Alain Bombard

Date of Birth: 10/27/1924

Age: 80

Place of Birth: Paris

Citizenship: France


As a practicing physician in the seaside hospital, Allen Bom Bar was literally shocked by the fact that each year tens and even hundreds of thousands of people die in the sea! And while much of their not perished from drowning, cold or hunger, and fear, perished only because they believed in the inevitability of his death.

They killed despair, passivity, the apparent futility of fighting for their lives and the lives of his comrades in misfortune. "The victims of legendary shipwrecks, died prematurely, I know: you kill is not the sea, you did not kill hunger, you killed no thirst Rocking on the waves under the plaintive cries of seagulls, you have died of fear!" - Firmly stated Bombard, determined to prove to his own experience the power of courage and self-belief.

Every year, up to fifty thousand people die in the boats and rescue zones, and with 90% of them die within the first three days! Understandably, in shipwrecks, for whatever reason they occur, people get lost, forget about the fact that the human organism is able to survive without water for ten days without food and even up to thirty.

As a physician who knows the reserves of the human body, Alain Bombard was convinced that a lot of people who, for one reason or another had to leave the comfort of the ship and flee on boats, rafts and other improvised means, died long before their They left the physical forces: killed them despair. And such a death overtook not only random in a sea of ??people - passengers, but also to the usual sea of ??professional sailors. This habit has been to them it is connected with the deck of the ship, reliable, albeit rocking on the swell. They are accustomed to look at the sea from the height of the ship`s hull. The ship - this is not just a means of transportation on water, it is also a psychological factor, enclosing the human mind from the fear of an alien element. On the ship, a man has confidence, the belief that he is insured against possible accidents that all these accidents are provided by experienced designers and builders of ships, in the holds of the ship stocked enough of all food and water for the duration of swimming and even beyond that .. .

Not for nothing in the days of sailing ships said that now the sea only see the whalers and hunters of sea lions as they attack the whales and seals in the open ocean with small boats, whaleboats and sometimes for a long time wandering in a fog related sudden storm winds from your vessel . These people rarely died: they were prepared in advance to ensure that a time to swim in the sea on the boat. They knew about it and were ready to overcome the elements on their fragile and yet reliable whaleboat.

Even losing by one reason or another ship in the open ocean, they overcame enormous distances and yet come to earth. However, do not always: if some died, it was only after many days of fighting, during which they have done everything they could, the history [schiv last strength of his body. All these people were mentally prepared for the need to spend some time on the boat. It was the usual conditions of their work.

Wanting to make untrained people to believe in themselves, in the strength and the ability to overcome the elements, and its apparent weakness, Alain Bombard - not St. John`s wort, and not a sailor but an ordinary doctor set sail across the Atlantic in a regular inflatable boat.

He was sure that a lot of sea food and only need to be able to get this food in the form of planktonic animals and plants or fish. He knew that all life-saving appliances on ships - boats, boats, rafts - have a set of woods, sometimes the network, they have those or other tools for fishing of marine life, finally, they can be made from readily available funds. With their help you can get food, as concluded almost everything that our body needs in marine animals. Even fresh water.

However, and sea water used in small amounts, can help a person to save the body from dehydration. Recall that the Polynesians, who sometimes carried away by hurricanes away from the earth, able to fight for their lives and that, perhaps most importantly, your body accustomed to the consumption of sea water. Sometimes for weeks and months we were worn Polynesian boat in a stormy ocean, and yet the islanders survive, producing fish, turtles, birds, using the juices of these animals. In all this, they did not see anything special, as were mentally prepared for such woes. But the same islanders meekly died on the shores of the full abundance of food when they become aware that their kto-libo "bewitched". They believed in the power of witchcraft, and so died. Because of fear!..

By Gear their rubber boat Bombard added a plankton net and a gun for underwater hunting.

Bombard chose an unusual route for itself - far from the sea routes of merchant ships. However, his "heretic", as it was named, this boat was supposed to go in the warm zone of the ocean, but it`s deserted area. To the north and south - commercial vessels routes.

Previously, as a preparation for this trip, he was together with a friend spent two weeks in the Mediterranean Sea. Fourteen days, they make do with what gave them the sea. The first experience of a long journey at sea dependents success. Of course, it was hard, very hard!

However, his friend, by the way, an experienced sailor, crossed the Atlantic in a small boat alone, but equipped with everything you need in abundance, in the last moment, frightened and simply disappeared. Two weeks turned out to be enough for him to give further tempt fate. He assured that he believes in the idea Bombard, but it scared away the thought of coming back need to eat raw fish, swallow the healing, but a nasty plankton and drinking juice squeezed from the body of the fish, diluting it with sea water. Perhaps it was a bold sailor, but the man is wrong Warehouse, Bombard: he had no commitment Bombard.

Bombard prepared for his swim theoretical and mentally. As a doctor, he knew that the water is much more important than food. And he explored dozens of species of fish, which could meet him in the ocean. These studies have shown that 50 to 80% by weight of water fish, while fresh and saltwater fish body that contains much less salt than the meat of mammals.

Carefully check the amount dissolved in the ocean water of different salts, Bombard was convinced that with the exception of salt, in every 800 grams of sea water contains approximately the same number of other salts, which have a different per liter of mineral water. We drink the water - often with great benefit. During his journey Bombard became convinced that it is extremely important to prevent dehydration in the first days and then decrease the water ration in the future will not be detrimental to the body. Thus, the idea he backed up by scientific evidence.

Bombard We had a lot of friends, but there were skeptics, detractors, and his enemies just people. Not everyone understood the humanity of his ideas. The newspapers were looking for sensation, and if it was not, invent it. Experts unanimously outraged: shipbuilders - that Bombard going to cross the ocean on a boat, which supposedly can not be controlled; sailors - the fact that he was not a sailor, but do you go and ... doctors were horrified by what Bombard going to live seafood and drink sea water.

As if defying all his skeptics Bombard named his boat "Heretic" ...

By the way, people who are familiar with the history of navigation and shipwrecks, strongly supported the idea of ??Bombard. More than that, they were confident in the success of the experiment.

Sixty-five days Alain Bombard sailed across the ocean. In the first days, he has denied the assurances of "experts" is that the ocean is not a fish. Many books about the oceans are full of such expressions as "barren ocean", "water the desert" ...

Bombard has proved that it is not so! Just with larger ships was difficult to see the life in the ocean. Another thing on the raft or boat! From here you can observe diverse marine life - life is sometimes strange, incomprehensible, full of surprises. The ocean is often deserted for weeks the way, but it is populated by day and night creatures, which can be helpful or harmful to humans. Rich fauna of the ocean, but there is little else we know it.

Alain Bombard proved that much can a person, if you really want and not lose willpower. He is able to survive in the toughest conditions, which can be randomly. Describing this unprecedented experiment on himself in the book "Overboard on their own", which sold millions of copies, Alain Bombard may have saved tens of thousands of lives of the people who were alone with hostile elements - and not afraid.