Akexandr Genis

Picture of Akexandr Genis

Date of Birth: 02/11/1953

Age: 63

Place of birth: Ryazan

Citizenship: United States


Alexander Genis was born February 11, 1953 in Ryazan (Ryazan), where the factory manufactures radars for the defense industry, his father worked. In 1956, the writer Vladimir Dudincev (Vladimir Dudintsev) published the novel `Not by bread edinym` (Not by Bread Alone), which caused a huge public outcry. Part of the party apparatus considered anti-Soviet novel, so in a bad light there depicted bureaucratic reality, and Alexander Genis, Sr., who had the imprudence to feel the romance, fired with an important strategic company. The family moved to Riga (Riga), where little Sasha grew up, learned and joined the Faculty of the University of Latvia, where he graduated in 1976. Despite the fact that a year later Genis emigrated to the United States, he still thinks Riga, where the culture he grew up, his native home. After university, he for some time worked in fire protection; print what he wanted to write, no one was going, and Genis decided to move to the United States. So in his life he had a second favorite city - New York (New York City), where he lived for the second half of his life.

In New York, no one expected the young writer (and Genis was not yet 25 years old when he became an emigrant) with open arms, and his first job was infinitely far from literature - Genis worked as a loader in the company about the production of expensive jeans cheap. From there he was dismissed for lack of enthusiasm, and Alexander, whose family is about to be increased - and his wife were waiting for the birth of a child, had to find a second job, and again as a loader. And, too, did not last long. With friends (in those years in New York, there was a close Russian immigrant community), he got a job in the newspaper `New Russian word`, where he learned a very difficult profession maker-up, a typesetter, who lived out his last days. Soon computers reached and newspaper production, the maker turned into a computer coder. After Sergei Dovlatov (Sergei Dovlatov) Genis came to the newspaper `The New amerikanets`, but feed my family with money earned in distress `New amerikantse` was impossible, the more so because the newspaper was closed shortly.

Together with a colleague on the `New amerikantsu` Peter Weill (Pyotr Vail) Alexander Genis began to write the book that made their names known in Russia (Russia), and abroad. From the pen of their creative duo came out six books, including `World of the Soviet cheloveka`,` Russian cuisine in izgnanii`, `` and Native rech` Amerikana`. The most famous of them, of course, `Russian cuisine in izgnanii`. As soon as the beginning of the 90`s in anticipation of the imminent demise of the Soviet regime the country opened its borders, in Russia began to publish books Genis and Vail. Circulation `Native rechi` 100 thousand copies was sold out in one day. `Russian cuisine in izgnanii` printed books printed chapters in magazines and newspapers, quoted in private and on television. Sam Genis compares `Kuhnyu` with doylovskim Conan Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes) - he also pursued its creator to the end of his days. In 1990, they parted ways with Weil, and changed the nature of prose, which he began to write Genis. His books have been translated into many foreign languages, including English, French, German, Italian and Japanese.

Since 1984, on the radio `Svoboda` out weekly program Alexander Genis. Surprisingly, for the 26 years he has not missed even a single transmission. For the Russian channel `Kultura` Genis has worked on a cycle of television programs` Genis. Letters from Ameriki`. In place of friendly relations in the press came relations professional - Genis is personal column in the `New gazete` and magazine` Eskvayr`, but with the advent of blogs, has become a leading blog on the website `Snob`. Part of the editorial board of the magazine `Foreign literatura`.