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Age: 40

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The sad end of the quest for eternal youth

As soon began to take human growth hormone, 40-year-old resident of East Sussex (East Sussex) Amy Veness felt that her fate had been given the drug almost magical. Woman seriously lost weight, but especially to adhere to proper diet does not start; at the same time she was totally unexpected amount of energy to spare. Working publicist, Amy regularly exposed to severe stress - but a wonderful drug does not only help to easily overcome all these stresses, but also gave an extremely restful sleep, Veness of not getting a very, very long time. Someone more skeptical at this point to remember the saying about free cheese and its most probable location; Now, after some time, and after a series of unpleasant events, Amy and she agrees that miraculous effect of the hormone was too good. Doctors often say much and what danger can carry careless use of hormones; Veness had to make their own sad experience that `Peter Pena` medicine, as it is often called, has a very nasty dark side.

Amy always serious about their appearance. Once she makes on others by force incredible effect; Unfortunately, the youth was left behind and now she is not so glowing with beauty, as before. As a journalist, Veness often forced to interact with people and a lot of spin among the rich and famous; as a result, look for it is not just a fad, but also a serious tool. Before meeting with the growth hormone Amy tasted artificial ways to improve their own image; among these methods are, in particular, Botox and the operation for breast enlargement.

With hormone Veness introduced her husband, Mark. After returning from the gym, the man told his wife about the miracle drug, an injection which would be able to increase his muscles and rejuvenate itself much, Amy. According to Mark, this drug in its gym used by many - and the effect was visible to the naked eye. Initially Amy reacted to the story without much enthusiasm; to intrigue the woman is able to passage about the anti-aging effect of the drug. Through friends of friends, Mark took the first portion of a miracle substance. It looked quite normal, however, precisely to distinguish a fake from the original without special lab, of course, it was impossible. Enter the drug followed by syringe; Amy wife sent to the nearest charitable center, where free syringes were issued to drug addicts. I personally go there Veness could not - in the neighborhood knew her much too well, and this kind of visit could cause to the reputation of the journalist serious blow. Having obtained syringes, the couple went to work. According to the instructions found on the web they are mixed with water, the substance; after the drug was introduced inside. Make it right was not easy - the air puzyrekv blood could easily kill a man, and could easily careless hit a vein and leave unpleasant traces of visible damage.

Just a few days it became clear that the drug really works. The woman noted an incredible burst of energy and improve sleep quality. These factors, however, could be attributed to the placebo effect and psychosomatics; where the situation was more complicated with other observable phenomena - then the drug is clearly played a role as much more. Her skin became soft as a baby, and the scales showed a loss of 12 extra kilos. Casual cut on his knee healed a woman in an incredibly short time. Amy joked that itself seemed almost a superhero comic book.

First drug Veness taken regularly, but by October last year began to make ezhdenevno injection. 40th birthday the day Amy and her husband celebrated in the Caribbean - and the holiday was just perfect, because the birthday girl feel incredibly young, strong and graceful.

Mark was lucky - he stopped rather quickly to take the drug. Amy was much more stubborn - and paid for it dearly. It all started in January - then Veness picked up like a normal cold. The disease was strangely stubborn and does not want to move away from Amy. And towards the end of the month terrible happened - at the hands Veness unexpectedly refused. It happened when the woman was just trying to raise ordinary bowl; sudden shooting pain shot through her wrists - and limb if refused.

A visit to the doctor gave nothing; the woman found a virus and was advised to go back to the doctor, if the situation does not improve. The situation, meanwhile, only got worse - over the next 8 weeks, literally the whole body Amy turned against her mistress. Veness felt pain in the knees, hands, fingers - literally every joint. So I try to rejuvenate women now feel decrepit old woman.

In March, the doctor has a new diagnosis - have found Amy lupus, autoimmune disease that can cause the symptoms observed. That day Veness himself stopped doing injections - woman suddenly realized that she could destroy his own hands the body. To dream of eternal youth is not necessary - Amy is now hoped at least to stop due to his own actions suffering. The entire weight thrown back; woman suffers pain in the joints and constant fatigue. Now Amy takes steroids to ease the pain and remove the symptoms of lupus; whether it will be able to restore their health at least until the former level - hard to say, but obviously the chances are slim. Every morning starts with Veness agony - and as the passage of time the situation did not improve. Amy hopes for the best, although the strength of this she was almost there; In addition, Veness hopes that her story will serve as a lesson komu-to - and will save kogo-to from that fate, which doomed itself dreaming rejuvenate Amy.