Aiden Byrne

Picture of Aiden Byrne

Age: 6

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Kid-wrestler with heart disease

Aiden Byrne, - owner of half-formed heart. Moreover, his heart is shifted to the right. In just six months, the brave toddler underwent six operations and is still struggling with complications caused by his difficult condition.

He is forced to take `kokteyl` of eight medications every morning. He has never been able to attend school for more than three consecutive days. However, Aiden still managed to realize his dream - to compete in the ring, and even earned a championship belt.

His 26-year-old mother, a resident of Lincoln (Lincoln), said: `He is very fond of wrestling, but we never thought that his health improves so that he could participate in borbe`.

`We gave the tickets to a local show, and since then the son became obsessed reslingom`.

`Wrestlers helped us to collect a lot of money to raise awareness of children`s charities, and even allowed to go to Aiden ring`.

`In fact, he has a belt, and I prefer to believe that my son - in some kind of British champion. The guys from the Academy wrestling treated with my son at the highest level. Now it has become one of their komandy`.

Mother of the boy was advised to have an abortion at 26 weeks` gestation, when fetal ultrasound revealed a perforation of the stomach. But she refused to interrupt, deciding that Aiden deserves a chance at life.

Ever since the boy does not stop challenging the pessimistic doctors and continues to fight for life every day.

`This is the best solution of all I have taken - said the mother Aiden. - Even before his birth, I told him that he was already far advanced, so now everything is in its rukah`.

`I felt that if he managed to survive 26 weeks, it can be done all the way. He had every right to fight, and I wanted to give him a chance for Eto`o.

`Scanning until showed normal results, so I was shocked when doctors told me about the problems with the heart in Eydena`.

`When the doctors could not find his stomach, I said that I thought the cease beremennosti`.

At that time, 19-year-old, the mother of Aiden did not listen to the opinion of the doctors.

`Kid kicks in me throughout my pregnancy, so I knew that it glimmers zhizn`, - she said.

`If ??he decided to appear stillborn, then so be it, but I knew that he did not give up sobiralsya`.

`My son even has no idea how it is stunning. Every time I look at him, I just want him to know how he damn udivitelnyy`.

Apart syndrome hypoplastic left heart, heart Aiden shifted along the median line up in the direction of the sternum. The latter is referred to as mesocardium.

List the young wrestler problems joins a small left ventricle, pulmonary stenosis - narrowing of the right ventricular outflow tract and the spleen lack.

Aiden was delivered to a hospital hundreds of times, where he established cardiac catheters to monitor the condition of his heart.

In September 2014 the boy underwent an operation aimed at improving its circulation, but during the procedure Aiden had a stroke.

The patient was saved invasive extracorporeal method of blood oxygenation (ECMO). Carbon dioxide recovered from the organism replaced by oxygen, which maintained it alive. Aiden spent in intensive care for 16 hours.

Little fighter after a brush with death had to re uchitsyaest walking and talking ...

What is the syndrome of hypoplastic left heart?

This is a condition in which the left ventricle of the heart does not develop properly. Children with this condition of the left ventricle and left atrium are often closed or small. The main blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the rest of the body, and smaller than usual.

Because of all of this the heart can not pump blood efficiently throughout the body. Most children with this syndrome appear quite healthy after birth. However, without proper treatment quickly begin to develop breathing problems.

Most of the syndrome is detected before birth. By itself, the condition is incurable, but many children can feel quite nice if outsource successful surgery. After all three necessary operations survival is about 60%.

How long will the children live with the syndrome of hypoplastic left heart, it is quite difficult to say. Britans cue Foundation for the Study of heart problems, however, he said that at present `dolgozhiteli` syndrome hypoplastic left heart entered the teenage phase.