Ahmed Iii

Picture of Ahmed Iii

Date of Birth: 12/30/1673

Age: 62

Place of Birth: Constantinople


Sultan maintained personal ties with the King of Sweden Karl XII. After the defeat of the Swedish army at Poltava troops of Peter I, granted asylum to the defeated monarch.

Later confrontation between Russia and the Ottoman Empire led to the war, ending unprofitable for Russia Prut world in which Russia lost its new possessions in the Sea of ??Azov and the entire Azov Fleet.

Ahmed III policy led to war with Venice. This military campaign has been very successful for the Ottoman Empire, but led to a war with Austria, which was a guarantor of previous peace agreements between the Ottoman Empire and Venice. As a result of this war, Ahmed III lost Northern Serbia, Northern Bosnia and Lesser Wallachia.

In addition to military affairs Ahmed III became famous as Sultan reformer. On his orders to France sent Cultural Embassy. After a long time studying the French way of life, their culture, science, industry, and military affairs. As a result of the embassy it was written by the legendary work "Sefaret-name". This book has become very popular in the Ottoman Empire.

One of the novelties brought by the ambassadors, was a tulip flower. Soon, the whole empire was bred a huge number of colors - so during the reign of Ahmed III is often called "the era of tulips." It has become the flourishing cultural life of the Ottoman society.

Ambassadors also brought the technology of printing, and was soon launched production of printed books. Military received new impetus, thanks to the knowledge of Europe.

The army and navy of the Ottoman Empire were upgraded at the European level. Ahmed III waged war not only in the western and northern directions. In the 20s of the 18th century he seized large areas in the Caucasus and western Iran. But soon he was defeated in the Iranian direction of the Afghan ruler.

This slip and unstable economic situation in the country led to the revolt of the Janissaries, which put an end to his rule.

Ahmed III died June 1, 1736 at the age of 62 years in Constantinople.