Afanasij Bychkov

Picture of Afanasij Bychkov

Date of Birth: 12/27/1818

Age: 80

Place of birth: Hamina

Citizenship: Russia


As a student, he published a pointer to a "Narration about Russia" Artsybashev (t. II). After graduating from university in 1840, Bychkov entered the Archaeological Commission, releasing in 1843 "Index to historical acts", published by the same committee. Since 1842 began to put Bychkov review historical works in "Moskvityanin" Pogodin and the "Journal of the Ministry of National Education". In 1844 he was appointed keeper of the department of manuscripts of the Public Library. In 1850 - 55 years edited Bychkova out "palace discharges ed 2nd Division of the Office of His Imperial Majesty." (With Al N. Popov, that I, in 1850; m II of, 1851; t III of,.... . 1852 complementary to it in 1854, and so IV of, 1855).; in 1853 - 55 years - "Yurnaly and hiking logs Peter the Great from 1695 to 1725, and marching magazine in 1726"; in 1853 - 57 years - "Camera-furerskie magazines for 1726 - 1772 years" (with BM Fedorov); in 1855 - "The first Russian Gazette, printed in Moscow in 1703". In 1855 he was elected a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences. Since 1856. Bychkov took part in the editing of "Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles" published Archaeological Commission (ed Bychkova out: VII of tonnes, in 1856; VIII of tons, 1859 tons of the IX, 1862; t XV, in 1863;..... m. X, 1885, and so on. XVII, 1889). In 1857, the edited volume was published Bychkova X-XIII 5th ed. Works Zhukovsky. In 1863, together with the MA Corfu, worked on correcting the Russian translation of the 3 "Body of local law provinces Ostsee edge". In 1865, published in the "Proceedings of the Archaeological Society" - "Fragments of the Gospel in the XI." and in the "Annals of classes Archaeological Commission" - "Short chronicler of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra." From 1865 to 1873, Bychkov was governor Archaeography Affairs Committee, in 1866 he was elected extraordinary academician and chairman of the Commission for analysis and description of the affairs of the Holy Synod of the archive. In 1867, Bychkov issued a "catalog stored in the Imperial Public Library publications, printed civil font under Peter the Great" in 1868, he was appointed assistant director of the Imperial Public Library in 1869 was elected ordinary academician. In 1868, under the editorship of T. Bychkova I left I "Descriptions of documents and files stored in the archives of the Holy Synod" (II of T., 1879), in 1869 - T. I "Complete Collection of decisions and orders by the Office of the Orthodox Confession" (vol. II, 1872). In 1871 published "Materials Science Archive military General Staff", in 1872 - "Autographs Imperial Public Library", "Chronicle Laurentian on the list," "Letters of Peter the Great stored in the Imperial Public Library" and "In Memory of Earl MMSperansky ". In 1873, published in the "Collection of Russian Historical Society" "Papers of Peter I" and published "Letters and papers of Catherine II, stored in the Imperial Public Library." In 1875 it came compiled Bychkov, together with NP Barsukov, "Index to 8 volumes of the Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles", ed. Archaeological Commission, and in 1879 - "Novgorod Chronicle". In 1882, Bychkov was appointed director of the Imperial Public Library and published "Description of the Russian Church Slavonic manuscript collections of the Imperial Public Library." In 1887, there was tons of valuable work I Bychkova: "Letters and papers of Peter the Great" (Vol II of, 1889 t III of, 1893; t IV of, in 1900, and edited by his son Bychkova, IA Bychkova -.... t. V, 1907, and so on. VI, 1912). In 1890, Bychkov was appointed member of the State Council, in 1891 he was elected chairman of the Archaeological Commission, and in 1893 - the chairman of department of Russian Language and Literature Academy of Sciences. Bychkov published a number of reports in the "Collection" and "News" department of Russian Language and Literature Academy of Sciences, "Russian Antiquities", "Proceedings of the Archaeological Society", "Readings in the Society of History and Antiquities of Russian", "Proceedings of the Geographical Society," "Russian Archives "" Ancient and Modern Russia "," Notes of the Fatherland "," Bibliographic Notes "," St. Petersburg Gazette ", etc., and also placed in the" Reports "of the Imperial public library (in 1880) to describe the library received the Slavic and Russian manuscripts. From publishing works Bychkova especially valuable materials related to Peter the Great and his era. Bychkov a lot of bother for the improvement of the Imperial Public Library. List of works Bychkova cm. In "Russian Antiquities" (1890, Vol. X, and Dep). And in the annex to the "Report" department of Russian Language and Literature Academy of Sciences for 1899 The activities Bychkova cm. LN Mike, "On scientific activities Bychkova" ( "Journal of the Ministry of National Education" for 1899 and 1900 and the separate St. Petersburg, 1900.); AA Shakhmatov `Report Branch of the Russian language and literature "for 1899, page 1 - 9.; A. Lopuhin, "Bychkova Memory" (St. Petersburg, 1899.); NI Veselovsky, "AF Bychkov" (St. Petersburg, 1899.); PM Mike, "2nd Department of the Office of His Imperial Majesty" (Annex, page 28 -. 31). Fomin.