Adrian Bayford

Picture of Adrian Bayford

Age: 44

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The owner of the second largest jackpot

Imagine that your dream come true and you`ve got - it does not matter how it is fantastic and unrealistic way - a huge sum of money. What will you do in the first place - before, how to quit wasting unexpected wealth? It is likely that the correct answer would be `fired from raboty`; after all, why spend the time and effort, earning what you already have in abundance?

Interestingly, not all share similar beliefs. 41-year-old Adrian Beyford recently became richer by 148 million euros - and still continues to work quietly in your music store.

Rumors spread quickly; Now almost every passerby knows that the good-natured looking man, quietly engaged in the usual chores for mediocre entrepreneur - the reception of goods, accounting and registration of communication with customers - takes 516 th place in the list of the richest people in the country.

Beyforda status quo more than satisfied; he continues to work in the created them once together with a certain Richard Hadspitom (Richard Hudspith) store. By the sudden godsend Beyford generally refers surprisingly calmly and carefully; It is that Adrian has made only one in any way a major purchase - a small part of the winnings went to the car. Someone could have imagined Beyforda in a new `` Lamborghini Dyablo` or Mersedes` executive class; Adrian, however, decided to limit ourselves to a much more modest means of transportation - `Ford Kuga`, worth some 17,000 pounds.

The rest of the life Beyforda has not changed one bit. He still comes to the store in the morning, still chatting with the regulars, and still stands on Friday morning a little earlier than usual, in order to have time to receive podgotovitzavedenie clients before the usual morning bustle. Visitors to his store recently added a few; most likely, the majority of beginners do not come here for a new guitar, but in order to see this in person millionaire. They mean, however, does not serve the trade and do not interfere with - so that the claim is not Adrian.

Adrian and his wife Gillian (Gillian) have won the second largest jackpot in the history of Great Britain. On further their plans for the distribution of the money is unknown nothing yet; even his house Beyfordy is not changed. Relatively inexpensive machine (as recognized by Jillian, she herself had dreamed of a brand-new `Audi Q7`, worth about 60,000 pounds) a list of recent acquisitions is completely exhausted. Even the news about winning Beyfordy celebrated modestly - a few pizzas to bring in `. Some believed that immediately after the win Adrian and Gillian will go to some expensive resort; Beyfordy really decided to spend a weekend out of town - but instead of the Palm Islands (Palm Islands), or even Paris (Paris), they went to visit his parents in Scotland Gillian (Scotland).

Later, of course, change in life Beyfordov still occur; so, Gillian has admitted that she follow in the footsteps of her husband is not likely to be followed and the work is still left in the future - in order to spend more time with family and friends. Someone may say, that wealth will inevitably corrupts people - but Adrian Beyford is a living example of how an ordinary person can instantly rise to the level of Tom Jones (Tom Jones) and Eric Clapton (Eric Clapton), and at the same time did not change their usual habits.