Ademar Gelb

Picture of Ademar Gelb

Date of Birth: 11/18/1887

Age: 48

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Germany


After the German humanitarian gymnasium Peter and Paul in Moscow received a philosophical education in Munich, in 1910 he defended his doctoral thesis under the direction of C. Stumpf at the Psychological Institute of the University of Berlin, where under his leadership, he worked from 1910 to 1912 as a freelance assistant , from this time began his contacts with the Graz psychological school.

From 1912 to 1914 he - assistant K. Koffka at the Psychological Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences in Frankfurt am Main, from 1915, he worked in a military hospital for brain lesions in Frankfurt. In 1919, on the natural science faculty of the University of Frankfurt he defended his thesis for a post of assistant professor on the issue of violations of color ( "Uber den Wegfallen der Wahrnehmung von Oberflachenfarben").

Since 1919 Gelb - assistant professor, at this time conducting research together with K. Goldstein on the functional restructuring of the retina with loss of sight as well - amnesia on color names while maintaining their distinction, in which the ability to classify them is broken, and focus on them is possible only on the emotional response ( "Uber Farbennamenanamnesie", "Psychol. Forsch.", 1924, N 6).

Since 1924, he - an extraordinary professor of philosophy and psychology, since 1929 - co-director (together with M. Verthgeymerom) Psychological Institute of the University of Frankfurt, also worked at the Frankfurt Institute for the study of the effects of brain damage.

From 1931 to 1933, Gelb - an ordinary professor at the University of Martin Luther in Halle, where he led an organized seminar "Psychology of brain lesions," which along with specialists involved neuropsychologists and philosophers (M. Horkheimer, Tillich B., Adorno), from 1930 to 1935 - one of the editors of "Psychologische Forschung".

In connection with the Nazi persecution of the Jews was removed in 1933 from the work, he filed an appeal, but in 1934 there was an exacerbation of his illness (tuberculosis) is not possible to complete the deal. In 1935, I read only occasional guest lectures (Lund in Sweden).

In his scientific views Gelb belonged organismic and geshtaltpsihologcheskomu direction. Some of his philosophical ideas, in particular, the allocation of the subject from the outside world during the evolutionary transition from animal to man, highly valued LS Vygotsky. Particularly known for its experimental investigations of visual perception, such as the perception of whiteness, and so-called "tau phenomenon" ( "Gelb phenomenon"), whereby at unequal time slot presenting three light points in one and the same point in space occurs illusion of their uneven spatial proximity - are close in terms of time seem to be close to the space (1914). Together with R. Granite found that the difference in the figure the threshold is greater than background.

I am trying to extend the laws on neuropsychological gestalt sphere, interpreting brain injury in terms of violations of forming a mental image, which analyzed the failure of perception functions, speech, cognitive processes.