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How to succeed by giving themselves without reserve?

Adam Grant - American teacher and writer, professor of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, author of the book `Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success`.

Adam Grant is known as both the youngest and the most popular full-time professors from the Wharton School. The popularity of this has gone far beyond the educational institution where Grant works; he managed to win the title of one of the best professors, according to the `Business Week`, one of the 40 best professors at the age of 40 and one of the best writers, sociologists, according to Malcolm Gladwell (Malcolm Gladwell). It is known that Grant is not the first experience of receiving major awards and prizes; previously he has already proved highly successful director of commercials, talented ski jumper and unusually skillful and experienced magician.

Book Adam Grant `Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success` is considered one of the most interesting works in the field of positive psychology. This book included a number of important ratings; It became a bestseller on the version of `New York Times` and` Wall Street Journal`, was awarded one of the best books of 2013, according to the `Amazon`,` Apple`, `Financial Times` and` Wall Street Journal`. Work Grant praised the Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey); magazine `Fortune` included Adam job rating` mandatory reading books on biznesu`, `Harvard Business` said that ideas such as described in the book, help to shape the face of modern management itself, and according to` Washington Post` Adam just work required to study for each modern leader and manager. About `Give and Take` told in` Today Show` in the cover story of one of the rooms `New York Times`.

According to Grant, human interaction analysis suggests three main circuits; Some people take, others give, and some seek to establish an equivalent exchange. At first glance, `dayuschim` be the least profitable; Indeed, some of these people severely burn in the process, but the other is very, very often expect spectacular success in life. According to Adam Grant was `otdacha` is the most effective for the long term strategy.

Most popular Adam Grant and earned his oratorical talent; his lectures and consultations are happy to use representatives of a number of major organizations. Along with companies giants like `Google`,` NFL`, `Merck`,` Pixar`, `Goldman Sachs`,` Facebook`, `Johnson & Johnson` and` Apple` in Grant`s clients list includes the United Nations, the World economic Forum, the US army, navy and Air Force.

The Wharton School of Adam Grant received a full-time position of professor before his 30th birthday; since for each of his class, he consistently received an award for excellent achievements in teaching. Awards Grant gets for hard work; as a teacher, he regularly thinks new experimental schemes of training and education of students. In one of its projects, the students were able to gather on the needs of the charity fund `Make-A-Wish` more than 325,000 dollars, incidentally considerably develop their leadership talents, having acquired useful contacts, learning to gather information and work in a team.

To receive a doctorate in organizational psychology at the University of Michigan walls Adam took less than three years; at one time, and a bachelor`s degree at Harvard Grant received with honors, the highest honors and a special award from the fraternity Phi Beta Kappa. At the moment, Adam owns more than 60 publications on various aspects of management activity and psychology; work regularly published in prominent journals in the world. It is believed that due to the revolutionary Research Grant managed to seriously increase efficiency and reduce `vygoranie` among engineers and sales professionals; Grant also credited techniques significantly improve the efficiency of call centers and technology to establish a reasoned fulfill safety requirements among nurses, doctors and professional rescuers.

In 2011, Adam Grant both won just three prestigious scientific awards; one he gave the American Psychological Association, and the other - the Academy of Management, the third - the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. At Grant`s book is regularly cited in his writings, best-selling authors in the science of psychology - Susan Kane (Susan Cain) in its `Quiet`, Daniel Pink (Daniel Pink) in` Drive` and `To Sell Is Human`, Arianna Huffington (Arianna Huffington) in `Thrive` and Malcolm Gladwell in` David and Goliath`.

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