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How beard can help cancer

If you paid attention to the abundance of bearded men in November, you should know that this is not an accident, and one of the largest international events, has become over the years a tradition, firmly entrenched in many cultures. According to the participants and organizers of this event - it is a good way to draw attention to cancer issues, men`s health problems, which, despite all the prejudices and stereotypes, such as fragile as a woman. Everything else, to forget about the daily shaving is available only once a year, perhaps, precisely because of this small Australian organization has received international recognition, and the growing number of participants.

It all began in the year 2003 in the Australian city of Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia). A chance meeting friends at a bar turned into a discussion of contemporary fashion, which, as seen friends, completely abandoned the mustache and beard. Why - no one could tell. Determined to revive the tradition, druzyareshili not shave for a month, and all questions answered about the reasons that make it to attract attention to prostate cancer.

Adam Garon was one of them, and he became the first to realize that the action might like men far beyond Australia. Adam not only officially registered organization `Movember`, whose name is the contamination of the words` moustache` and `November`, but also created the official website and contacted the Australian organization for the fight against prostate cancer (Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia).

In the first year in the campaign was attended by a total of 30 Australians, but, of course, about any voluntary contributions to the organization of bearded men speech could not be. Despite the failure, the participants had no intention to give up. For almost a year, Adam was looking for volunteers on the Internet, and in 2004, the year the number of participants has risen to 450 people, which in the past month have collected 54 thousand dollars, then transferred to the accounts of organizations involved in care for patients with prostate cancer.

The campaign of 2005 began under the motto `Strike prostate cancer by zadnitse` (Give Prostate Cancer A Kick In The Arse), and this time his razor postponed for more than 9,000 men from Australia, the UK (United Kingdom) and the Spanish (Spain ). During the month, more than 1.2 million dollars was raised to fight cancer. In 2005, the year in the US (United States) began to appear such organizations, which are, however, carried out the action only in their cities.

In 2006, Adam gave up his job and started coordinating the activities of `Movember`, which now constantly received invitations to cooperate on the part of health care organizations, and from charitable foundations. In 2006, the number of participants exceeded 56 thousand, and the total amount of donations amounted to more than $ 9 million. In addition, the event was attended by volunteers from a number of European countries, Scandinavia, Asia and some South American countries.

Interestingly, in the United States rally `No Shave November` gained a lot of popularity, however, unlike Australia and Europe, it is only for entertainment purposes. For a whole month in all states can be observed bearded lawyers, doctors and professors who by chance got a vacation from the razor. Quite often in the action involved women of all ages.

As for the `Movember`, then under the leadership of Adam Garona organization is growing every year. So, at last count, this year it was attended by more than a million registered members, and the number of donations made over 147 million dollars.

`Beard - it`s not just the hair on his chin, and the honor and valor of any muzhchiny` - according to participants. So when he saw an unshaven man on the street, think three times, before making any conclusions - may his beard he saves someone`s life.