Abram Bezikovich

Picture of Abram Bezikovich

Date of Birth: 01/23/1891

Age: 79

Place of Birth: Berdyansk

Citizenship: Russia


Besicovitch was the fourth child in a large family Karaites Samuel and Eva Besicovitch. His father was a jeweler, had his own shop, but after the robbery began working as a cashier.

In 1908 Besicovitch Berdyansk graduated from high school and joined the Mathematics Department of Physics and Mathematics Faculty of St. Petersburg University, where one of his teachers was Markov. After graduating from university with a diploma of the 1st degree in 1912, Besicovitch Markov Steklov offer and began to prepare for obtaining a professorship. In March 1915 Bezikovichzakonchil delivery of master`s examinations, and published his first scientific publications on the theory of probability. In 1916 he married Valentina Vitalievna Doynikova, which converted to Orthodoxy. After becoming in 1917 the assistant professor at the University of Petrograd, Besicovitch was sent to the institution in 1916, Perm State University as an extraordinary professor in the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Mathematics.

During the Civil War, when Perm was occupied by the troops of Kolchak and part of the teaching staff was evacuated to Tomsk, Perm Besicovitch was appointed rector of the university. In 1920 he returned to Petrograd.

In November 1924 Besicovitch received a Rockefeller scholarship for scientific studies abroad, but did not get permission from the authorities on this trip, he and his colleague JD Tamarkin, decided to illegally leave the Soviet Russia. He crossed the Latvian border, then moved to Copenhagen. Rockefeller scholarship gave him the opportunity to do during the year under the leadership of Harald Bohr`s research in the field of quasi-periodic funktsiy.Iz Copenhagen Bezikovich went for a few months in the well-known Oxford mathematician GH Hardy, and then within a year he lectured at the University of Liverpool. Since 1927 Besicovitch lived in Cambridge, where he first worked as a lecturer at the university, and since 1930 - became a staff member of Trinity College. In 1950 Besicovitch was invited to head the Department of Mathematics, which he held until his retirement in 1958

After reaching the Besicovitch retirement for several years lectured as a visiting professor at various universities in the US.