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Tunisian origin, Zitouni works as a cook for more than forty years. He knows seven languages ??and managed kitchen in many countries of the world: a five-star hotel in Venezuela, the famous `Hilton`, `Holiday Inn`, `Four Seasons` in Canada, as well as preparing a wedding banquet for Celine Dion. In this profession cook Abdessatar Zitouni chose by accident - to spend a year after graduation to seek employment on the shower, he saw an advertisement for the set in the hotel business college. It turned out that the free space left only for training specialty chefs. However, a year later Abdessattar, specializing in baking, showed himself so well that he was invited to banquets. After five years of training in Frankfurt Zitouni he trained for three years, after which he worked as a cook in his native Tunisia, and then - all over Europe and America. He became one of the first foreign chefs, who in the mid-nineties was invited to work in Moscow.

Moscow Abdessattara Zitouni`s career began in the restaurant `Aerostar`, where he worked for two positions on a contract year, giving his former colleagues` right to be proud to be called a disciple Zituni`. After 10 years of working in prestigious restaurants of Canada famous chef second I received an invitation from Moscow restaurateurs. This time it was a project of premium including restaurants with fish shops and catering (two in Moscow, one in St. Petersburg and one in Monte Carlo). Restaurant Chain called `` La Mare specializes in live fish and seafood, which are delivered daily from all over the world and are kept in an aquarium. The restaurant`s menu - it is a real encyclopedia, on which mozhnoizuchat marine fauna.

Abdessattar Zitouni believes that the secret of making delicious fish dishes - in simplicity and honesty, which does not interfere with open natural taste and smell of fresh ingredients, and appreciates the love for such dishes visitors metropolitan restaurants.

Moscow restaurant `La Mare` included in the gastronomic guilds Chaine des Rotisseur, and wine list, since 2006, there is Wine Spectator award. In the summer of 2013 events held Abdessatar Zitouni Russian-French season based on the La Maree restaurants in Monaco.

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Abdessattar Zitouni picture
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