Abdel Wahhab

Picture of Abdel Wahhab

Date of Birth: 09/07/1959

Age: 42

Place of birth: Mosul

Citizenship: Russia


He was born in Iraq. He received political asylum in Denmark in connection with the harassment on religious grounds in the country. He lived in Copenhagen with his wife and two children. Member of the extremist movement "Muslim Brotherhood", declared in Iraq is illegal. Under the name of Abu Junayd he was known among radical Islamists in the countries of the Arabian Peninsula. At the beginning of July 1998 through Turkey and Georgia illegally crossed the state border of the Russian Federation, entering the territory of the Chechen respubliki.17 March 2000 detained by Russian law enforcement agencies, with the participation of the FSB in the counterterrorist operation. According to investigators, he was a member of gangs Ramazan Akhmadov and Arbi Barayev. On the territory of Russia led training militants in training camps and military bases Serzhen-Yurt and Urus-Martan, urging to carry out terrorist acts against the federal government. He took part in the fighting in Novolak district of Dagestan, in the development of plans for an attack on the part of Russian troops capture Mozdok and Nalchika.Adufera - Aziza (Mohamed Abdel Wahab) Abdel Wahab kept a diary, which appeared at the trial as evidence of its association with Khattab, Shamil Basayev, Arbi Barayev: Abdel Wahab was charged with the rape of minors. According to the investigation, in February 2000 Chechen rebels kidnapped from home in Grozny on 16-year-old girl, which was donated by Abdel Wahab. It showed that they had been raped, Wahab threatened her and her loved ones of murder, beating with an iron rod, causing heavy travmy.Krome of separatists together with the very Wahab were abducted underage sisters (12 and 14), while their grandmother was killed. Both victims were held captive by Wahab few months, have been raped and beaten. After osvobozhdeniyasest