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Date of Birth: 07/18/1921

Age: 95

Birthplace: Providence

Citizenship: United States

Creator cognitive therapy

Aaron Temkin Beck (Aaron Temkin Beck) was born in 1921 in Providence, Rhode Island (Providence, Rhode Island, USA). He was the youngest of four children in a family of Jewish immigrants from Russia. After high school, Aaron went to study psychiatry at Brown University (Brown University), which he graduated from in 1942. It is known that he was a member of a student `Phi Beta Kappa Society`, and also worked as an assistant editor of` The Brown Daily Herald`. Beck received a master`s degree in the School of Medicine at Yale University (Yale Medical School), he got it in 1946.

In general, own biography Aaron Beck calls the clearest indication that the therapy really works. So, by example psychiatrist shows how from a poor, timid and nervous boys from immigrant families, he became one of the most influential psychotherapists of the country and even the world.

It is now regarded as Aaron Beck `ottsom` cognitive therapy - a method of treatment of affective disorders. It is noteworthy that, creating an entirely new direction in psychotherapy, Beck was also absolutely competent manager - he managed to popularize it, to make a kind of trend.

In recognition of the scientist, began to engage in cognitive therapy, he believed in the success and literacy initiatives, but still suffered some losses. Then, in 1950, he was at this crossroads - a talented young professor at the University of Pennsylvania (University of Pennsylvania) had to make a choice - whether to go along the path of gaining influence surgical techniques like lobotomies, or select psychoanalysis, which at that time experienced a second wave of popularity.

Thinking young scientist came to the conclusion that none of the existing options does not suit him. Speaking of surgical treatment, he simply could not think - he hated the idea of ??people treated with conventional depression with electroshock and lobotomies through.

So, starting with the classical psychoanalysis, which still proved he is closer to professional beliefs, Aaron Beck slowly began to collapse in the direction of cognitive therapy, in the course of practice coming up with their own methods. Simply put, his technique was aimed at `here and seychas`, while all existing at that time were looking for methods cause of the disorder as a child patient. So, it was looking for a specific therapy addressing specific issues, focusing on the ideas that have been a possible cause of depression. Consequently, the treatment consisted in the fact that the patient has learned to `lovit` and monitor their own thoughts, which made him unhappy.

Very soon, Beck noticed that his own results are much more effective and, above all, take much less time. For his method of cognitive therapy helps patients make their way from the state of complete depression to nearly complete solutions to their mental health problems very quickly. It was almost a miracle. However, it is a miracle, especially at first, did not bring about any income.

Success and recognition came to the scientist, much later - in the 1980s. It was then that cognitive therapy started to gain its momentum, and this method began to spread around the world.

That Aaron Beck was the author of widely used today gradations, such as Inventory Beck Depression Inventory (Beck Depression Inventory, BDI), Scale of hopelessness Beck (Beck HopelessnessScale), Scale Beck for suicidal ideation (Beck Scale for Suicidal Ideation, BSS), Inventory alarm Beck ( Beck Anxiety Inventory, BAI).

In 1994, Aaron Beck and her daughter Judith S. Beck (Judith S. Beck), who is also studying and practicing cognitive therapy, created the Institute of Cognitive Psychotherapy and Research (Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy and Research), in which Professor Beck was president, and later became the lead agency daughter.

In addition, Aaron Beck - Director of the Center for the Treatment and Prevention of suicide (Center for the Treatment and Prevention of Suicide).

It is noteworthy that from the beginning of research scientists to the scientific community at least sarcastically. `No, no one bothered me. What I did, just ignorirovalos` - confessed later, Aaron T. Beck.

The result of the scientist of the main labor was that cognitive therapy has become today one of the preferred ways to treat many mental disorders.

Among the awards scholar - Lasker Award in 2006 (Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award), `Annual Heinz Award`,` Prince Mahidol Award of Midical`.

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