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Her name is pronounced " Ah - of Lee - yah " and translated from the language suayhili as "the best ". " I sang all the time, as I can remember. I`ve always liked it. I sang in the church ,on school holidays. "

On the professional scene, it got to the age of nine, when she took part in the Star Search competition. For eleven years she has sung a duet with Gladys Knight in Las Vegas.

Barry Hankerson, her uncle and former husband of Gladys Knight, was the manager of R. Kelly. He met R. Kelly with his niece. The first album of the singer, "Age Ain`t Nothing But A Number", was released in June 1994 and was produced by R. Kelly. The author of all the songs except "At Your Best (You Are Love)", was R. Kelly. Later, the album was certified platinum, while singles : "Back & Forth" and "At Your Best (You Are Love)" - gold. The singer has attracted attention as a representative of the movement "new jill swing" mid-90s. Entertainment Weekly Magazine wrote about it : ". .. imagine the young En Vogue, working even in hip-hop, with the producer as R. Kelly, Aaliyah`s and it will be. .. " At the same time, word spread about possible wedding 15-year old singer Aaliyah with R. Kelly, who was then more than 25 years of age, which was neither confirmed nor refuted.

She went to R. Kelly in Chicago, when Detroit was still studying the Higher School for the Performing Arts. Its success does not interfere with their studies, and she graduated from high school, " perfectly " in the June 97 th.

In August 1996, her second album was released ,One In a Million, in which she collaborated with rapper Treach b Slick Rick, and producer of the album was the famous Timbaland. R. Kelly did not participate in the preparation of the album. Songs "If Your Girl Only Knew", and "One In A Million" and " 4 Page Letter", became hits. One of the tracks on the album was the remake of the song Marvin Gaye "Got To Give It Up." Her songs and clips emphasized her how to work on the border of R & B and hip-hop.

Then Aaliyah began to work on the songs from the soundtrack for "Anastasia" (the song "Journey To The Past", October 1997) , "Dr. Dolittle" (the song "Are You That Somebody?", June 1998) , "Next Friday" ("I Don`t Wanna", January 2000) . She began acting in films ,its debut was in the film Romeo Must Die directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak. In March 2000, he came out and soundtrack, including songs was her duet with rapper DMX in the song "Come Back In One Piece" and the song "Try Again" and "Are You Feelin` Me?". By May 2000 soundtrack went platinum ,and the singer was offered a role in the film "Queen Of The Damned" directed by Anne Rice. Aaliyah also had to withdraw in the second part of the movie "The Matrix."

In July 2001, the album was released "Aaliyah" and the first single, "We Need A Resolution."

In August, Aaliyah, together with the staff of the record companies ,stylists and a bodyguard flew to Nassau to shoot a video for a new song singer. Aaliyah and eight other people were sent back to the US when their plane became drastically reduce the height. All nine people died.

Sales Aaliyah `s last album, after her death, growing more and more. By September 2001 it was on the album top the Billboard 200 Albums Shart.

Talented and beautiful young singer - so it remains in our memory. She was not only a singer but also an actress, dancer, and most importantly - the man.

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