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Year of birth : 1968

Age: 47 years

Citizenship : United States


At the end of the 60s Texan guitarist Billy Gibbons blues organized team "Moving sidewalks".

At the end of the 60s Texan guitarist Billy Gibbons blues organized team "Moving sidewalks". The band released an album and several singles, and even Jimi Hendrix himself, permeated her work, invited artists to participate with him in the television show, where Gibbons called one of the best young singers of America. In 1970, Billy opened a new project called "ZZ Top".In this case, he helped fellow "Moving sidewalks" Lanier Grieg keyboardist and drummer Dan Mitchell. This configuration has released only one single, followed by Billy colleagues went to Vietnam, and he had to look for new allies.

The new composition "ZZ Top", cemented in the years to come ,was as follows : Billy Gibbons (guitar) , Joe " Dusty " Hill (vocals, bass) , Frank Beard (drums) . The fourth member of the team became a freelance producer Bill Ham. It was he who suggested to focus on hard rock. But the team also could not abandon his southern blues roots, resulting in the chosen direction ,Provide "ZZ Top" fame for a long time. In its early days the trio toured mostly in the southern states, but after the release of the second album has received broader American fame.

Then, in 1972, their single "Francene" made it into the top one hundred. The very same "Rio Grande Mud" for some reason, failed to chart ,although the songs from the album sounded in the radio broadcast. Commercial success came with the release of "Tres Hombres", containing a thriller like "La Grange". With this composition the album landed right in the Top 10. Next, half- studio, half- live, work, "Fandango", was also present in the top ten. This disc received the platinum ,I spent a total of 83 weeks in the charts. "World Wide Texas" The ensuing tour was to "ZZ Top" is truly legendary. The fact that the stage during the tour be made in accordance Texas style - with cacti, snakes and other southern "charm ".

After 1976 came a significant break in the studio activities trioduring which a group of mostly indulged tour. Gibbons and Hill grew a long beard, providing "ZZ Top" brand stage image (Byrd beard was not required, since he last name was " bearded ") . In the period from 1979 to 1985 - th in the group came out four albums with equal interval of two years. And if "El Loco" turned out to be rather weak compared to its predecessors, at the "Eliminator" trio returned utrachennypozitsii, issuing a number of militants "Sharp dressed man", "Legs", "Gimme all your lovin`".

All these songs are played on television, while the plate was sold in enormous quantities, and the army of fans "ZZ Top" has been steadily growing. Although the " Eliminator " rose "only" up to ninth place in the "Billboard", in the top twenty, he spent more than a year. After also commercially successful "Afterburner" team took time out to five years, returning only in 1990 with the "Recycler" album. This disc was the end of the long-term cooperation "ZZ Top" and "Warner bros". In 1994-year " bearded men " moved to "RCA", which began with the release of "Antenna". The album as always contained a series of hits, and one of them, "She`s just killing me", heard in the soundtrack to Tarantino`s cult film "From dusk till dawn".The thirtieth anniversary of its existence, "ZZ Top" noted the release of a new studio work with the appropriate name - "XXX", then rolled in a global world tour. Unfortunately after a tour at the Dusty Hill he showed hepatitis C, and he had to spend some time on the restoration of health. As a result, the team returned to full activity only in 2003, when there was an album "Mescalero"

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Zz Top picture
Zz Top photo
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