Zvi Griliches

Picture of Zvi Griliches

Date of Birth: 09/12/1930

Age: 69

Birthplace: Kaunas

Citizenship: United States


Zvi Griliches (Hirsh Zvi Griliches) was born in 1930 in Kaunas, Lithuania (Kaunas, Lithuania), in an assimilated Jewish family, which said in Russian. During World War II Zvi and his family were in Dachau (Dachau concentration camp) concentration camp, from which come alive only Zvi and his sister, and their parents have not returned. After the war, he emigrated to Palestine (Palestine), where he studied at the Hebrew University (Hebrew University) in Jerusalem (Jerusalem). Next Griliches went to the US, which has consistently received degrees, bachelor`s degree - from the University of California at Berkeley (University of California, Berkeley), and the doctor from the University of Chicago (University of Chicago).

Also in Chicago, and he was teaching, and later was a professor at Harvard University (Harvard University), remaining in this position for 30 years.

Zvi Griliches was president of the Econometric Society (Econometric Society), as well as the American Economic Association (American Economic Association).

In Russia, Zvi Griliches name is mentioned most often in connection with the NES - the New Economic School, was Griliches was one of its founders, and also served as a visiting professor there. Since 2001, this school (in Moscow) in honor of the scientist organized the annual cycles `Grilihesovskih lektsiy`. Scientists have repeatedly visited the NES, he participated in the development of econometrics courses programs in schools and lectured on econometrics for several generations of students. It Griliches first invited professors from the West to teach at NES. A further recommendation of the scientist has helped many former students NES hit in Western universities.

So, Zvi Griliches was a recognized authority in the field of economics of education and productivity; in 1965 the scientist was awarded the Medal of JB Clark (John Bates Clark Medal)..

Widely known Griliches saying: `` ... the contribution of science voobsche` in some industry can not be measured - because it is impossible to know how many `nauki` used in one industry compared to drugoy`.

Zvi Griliches, died November 4, 1999.

It is known that in the mid-1990s, joining one of the discussion about the role of computers in modern life, Griliches said: `Many ways to use computers devoid of any practical meaning. Travel over the Internet - a waste vremeni`.