Zuss Oppenheimer

Picture of Zuss Oppenheimer

Citizenship: Germany


He was first a merchant, then he joined the monetary relations with the wasteful Wurttemberg Duke Karl Alexander and soon earned his complete trust. Without formally no position (although he was sometimes called the Minister of Finance), Oppenheimer manages all administrative positions to give their proteges, rapped out 11 million defective coins, established the salt, wine, and tobacco monopoly, sold for cash benefits and burdensome taxes caused hatred among the people .

When Karl Alexander died in 1737, Oppenheimer was arrested and charged with treason, in disreputable ties with the ladies of the court, and usury by exorbitant interest, tried and sentenced to death. Under torture, he confessed to the seven deadly sins. Dressed in a form of "secret financial advisor", he was put in an iron cage for show to the people of the city of Stuttgart, which is poured into the streets to mock "court Jew" and then hung up (4 February 1738).

The fate of Oppenheimer`s reflected in the story of Wilhelm Hauff (1827), Lion Feuchtwanger`s novel (1925), and two films - a British and German 1934 1940, is considered one of the most dramatic anti-Semitic works of art of the Third Reich.