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Age: 39

Citizenship: Russia

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Author: Tatiana Nikishin

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- Zoe, until you have heard about the show except the big theater-goers. Today your face is more and more frequently appears in the press. You recognized on the street?

- Here in the clinic of the Bolshoi Theater me twice learned. Medical staff praised for his work in "Children of the Arbat". But to the street came up to me - this is not. Probably, without makeup, I little like her heroine.

- How are your neighbors to ensure that a number of them living actress Zoe Kaidanovskaya?

- A neighbor on the floor once after the show said: "Oh, hello, my neighbors are famous!" And upstairs neighbor offered my husband to play billiards. Even our neighbors are always informed about the publication of our press interviews.

- Directed and your stepfather Andrey Eshpay in "Children of the Arbat" took the whole family. It`s your mother Yevgenia Simonova he asked?

- Of course, at the stage of trial, we were not without his participation, but were selected on a common basis. My husband just got to type Maxim Kostin, but I have evolved much more complicated. I tried on different characters, dyed blonde, creating all sorts of images. It took a long time before producers have agreed with my candidacy.

- You are married to actor Alexei Zakharov. Who of you today is more popular?

- With regard to the interview call me over and over in the movie Alex was shot. And if we talk about her acting career at all, then we are going to flush.

- Who is the breadwinner in your family?

- It depends: sometimes I earn more, sometimes Lesch. Since our work is not stable, the money we are not always enough. Therefore, we are still helping parents. And my and my husband.

- How did you meet Alex?

- We studied together in GITIS. At first I looked at him as a fellow student, and in the third year we all started.

- And how is it that you look at Alexis with different eyes?

- One day after we play all the courses organized party. That`s when I first looked at Lesha as if from outside. He was in a white jacket, a gorgeous man. It`s amazing, but he gave me then a peculiar look. Our classmates are very long then wondered: "How are you so ugorazdilo?"

- How fast is your relationship evolved?

- A few days later he asked me out on a date in a restaurant. Then again conducted to the house, two, stayed for dinner. And six months after the end of GITISa our son was born. About six months we hid their relationship from classmates. Near did not sit down, the handle is also not kept. And when all have learned - we quarreled and parted for a month. I remember the time I constantly plagued classmates: "You could pass Lesha ..." And I answered: "I do not talk to him!"

- And who of you first confessed his love?

- My husband is sparing of words of love, he does not like to show their feelings. And I also just do not say.

- We got married quickly?

- And we still have not painted.

- What does your mother say about this?

- Mom tries not to interfere in our relationship. But as she herself has some experience in family life, she always said so: "Why marry? ? To then get divorced, "A year ago, after marrying my sister Masha`s mom called and said:" Zoe, if you too want to get married, then please let us. " But Leshina parents very much want us to formalize relations. They periodically hinted about it to his son.

- And you most want to get married?

- We can be that someone says, "Let`s get married!", And then somehow all extinguished. Even it is not clear who else wants or does not want to go to the registry office.

- Your son whose name is?

- Husband.

- Why do you call it Alex?

- It is not in honor of her husband, and in honor of my prapradedushki. When my son was little, we called it Lelikov. And now he has five years, and in our house two Alexei. It is not confusing.

- If you do get married, what name take yourself?

- His leave. But I have this issue a complete mess. According to his passport, I - Simon and Kaidanovskaya - this is my stage surname.

- On the stage you could go as an actress of musicals - in GITIS you learned it on this profile. Why not become work in the specialty?

- And I do not see myself as a musical actress, will not even try. My mother wanted her daughter to become an opera singer, but I never had the data to do so. I remember as a child I was violently forced to learn music. In GITIS I got 15 years, in college. My parents were sent there, so I did away with the wrong crowd and do something useful. But after college we thought with my mother, it was not enough and I decided to continue studying.

- Were you mischievous girl?

- Yes, I had a difficult transition age. I rushed, did not know what I have to, I had endless depression. Yet it seemed to me that I`m really ugly. Knowing this, the parents told me every morning: "Zoe, you look great!" However, I was not popular among boys in 15 years. Amidst all these ravings, I got involved in questionable companies that do not do without smoking and drinking alcohol.

- So it was not boring, and certainly there is something to remember?

- That`s for sure. Me and my cousin went to Nastya every summer to rest in Zvenigorod pension from the Academy of Sciences (my grandfather on my mother`s side - Academician). Once in our room all night sat the boys. At this time, another teenager (also, incidentally, a professor of family) climbed into the room of one of the parents of those who sat with us, and robbed them. The horror of the story was that the parents think that their own son had been robbed. Not having any other alibi suspect was seriously worried and begged my sister to provide him with an alibi and confirm that he spent the night with us. We agree with Nastya. I remember, Andrei drove us as witnesses in court. He then swore terribly, almost killed us.

- For what? Do not you also got into someone else`s apartment.

- It is believed that the girls from educated families improper travel around the vessels.

- You`re being hauled in dubious company or you are looking for adventure?

- I liked the rich life events, when the night by cars mchishsya nowhere. Apparently, so we managed to Nastya and together and separately find dubious company.

- Studying in college changed you?

- Not very, but in GITIS I somehow calmed down. Actor acted on me like a drug: once tasted, I ceased to be interested in anything else. A sister settled down even before she married early and had a baby in 18 years.

- Your parents told you the story of his love?

- They met during the filming of "The Lost Expedition". According to the words of my mother, everything riotous behaved, and Alexander Kajdanovsky always read serious literature. That he made it a lasting impression. Then my father accompanied her mother to the house, kissed her hand and left. In general, he behaved like a gentleman. And then immediately (even without a kiss) I made her an offer.

- How old were you when the parents separated?

- Four years. According to my mother, I am terribly worried it every night waiting for his father. But I myself have nothing do not remember. My mother and grandmother always protected me from adult problems, so in my mind was fixed absolutely cloudless childhood.

- Then Evgenia Simonova remarried - for Andrew Eshpaja. What do you call it now?

- I call him Andreyitch. We were on "you".

- You became fast friends?

- Just once. I even changed his name to Kaidanovskaya Simonov. When Mary was born, I suddenly realized it is clear that we now have a complete family and it is not good to be an outcast. Mom was Simon, sister to Andreyitch - Espa, and I - Kaidanovskaya. I remember that I even wanted to be Zoya Andreyevna Eshpay. But my mother was against it.

- Surname changed in 16 years - for a passport?

- No, I was 12. Then I begged my mother that she could not stand it and went on my subject. As a result, I changed the birth certificate. And today, I like to say: "Zoe Kaidanovskaya". Handsomely!

- How often have you seen with his father after his parents` divorce?

- Up to 15 years I was with him I did not communicate at all. First he came to visit us for birthdays and after the appearance of Andreitch I had not wanted to see him. And his father did not particularly insist on our communication. I decided to meet him again in 15 years. We became friends, once he took me to a shooting in Madrid.- Alexander Kajdanovsky time to see you on stage?

- Then I came to Pike. My father decided to help me and began to deal with me. I remember I came to him in a communal apartment on Povarskaya. In the middle of the room he placed a chair, and at this point in me all sank ... Such horror I had never experienced! He sat down and an icy voice commanded: "Read." I read, and he cried: "It`s no good! Who do you find a program that stupid ?! What kind of prose ?! What is the poem ?! "(Program found my mother, but I did not give.) In response, I just cried, and he still made me read. At the end of our lessons my father gave me high praise and said that I was his best student and that I can try.

- If you are so afraid of it, then why did it go to?

- And there was no way back. I could not say, "Dad, I to you will not come." It would destroy our already fragile relationship. And the meetings we`ve had a little bit.

- On his father`s side you have a sister Dasha. Do you communicate with her?

- No. I only know that she lives in Rostov-on-Don, and that she is the mother of two children.

- How will the deal with her civil husband, Leonid, who took her son and did not allow him to communicate with his mother?

- I heard something about it but do not know the details. Last time I saw her on the father`s funeral. I then had a terrible flu, and I was with the temperature brought to church just to say goodbye. (Mom and Andreitch know that I will go there in any state.) And then we met with Dasha and spoke at the funeral.

- At Alexander Kaidanovsky only two daughters?

- He has two more children.

- You mean the children of his third wife Natalia, whom he adopted?

- I saw them at the trial, when there was a carve-up of the inheritance. Very funny girl and boy. In any case, they - Kaidanovskaya.

- After the death of your dad`s in 1995 carve-up started his room in a communal apartment. Sergei Solovyov wanted to make it a museum, Dasha insisted on the inheritance, and the fourth wife Inna Kaidanovsky Pivars what only did not blame your dad`s close friends. How will it all end?

- Divided not only the room but also an apartment, which my father bought. Close friends of his father when very ugly behaved. If he knew what was going on after his death, and what there was a carve-up, he would have been horrified. It seemed that everything went crazy.

- Who in the end everything went?

- The apartment is sold and the proceeds divided between the five heirs. Father`s room in a communal apartment was in itself unique. Firstly, it was huge (about 52 sq. M), and secondly, there was a lot of his paintings, collages funny ... But the museum out of it did not work, it bought one together people with other rooms.

- Do you know anything inherited from the father`s things?

- No, my father was only a surname.