Zhanna Zubova

Picture of Zhanna Zubova

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia

Jeanne Cakes Zubova

Jeanne was no need to expand the business - her husband runs a top manager in a large company, and the family did not need the money. It all started with a bug-cake and cake-house prepared for family and friends, and eventually turned passion into a profitable and enjoyable business. His works of Jeanne can earn from 3 to 4 thousand dollars a month.

She first tried to combine orders confectionery art, despite the fact that the funds from the Fine were initially only protein and coffee creams. Over time, capacity has increased - there were paint pastry, sweet pastes, marzipan and tortystanovilis more unusual. Who decoration of one large cake can take up to 3 days.

"Gde-to in the middle of my baking activity one professional confectioner said:" No one will wait for you to 3 days will make a cake, the rate of production of custom-made cakes - 5 pieces per day ", - says Jeanne. However, wanting to wait a few days to get a wonderful cake, it was many. Among the customers of Joan were the Mariinsky Theatre, the football club "Zenith", "Beeline" and "Maxidom." With most large customers Jeanne works through restaurants.

Artisan Food for private clients Jeanne often cook at home. Even 20-30-kilogram cake baked ordinary skilled worker in a home oven. The most expensive and beautiful sweets are usually bought for beloved wives and children. Kids like cakes based on fairy stories or cartoons. Joan says that once molded cake decoration directly from the TV screen by pressing the freeze frame.

Most cakes begins with a sketch, if this is the architectural cakes, then the drawing. Architecture and children`s themes is the favorite themes konditershi. From sweets she created replicas of Peter and Paul and the Smolny Cathedral, Bolsheokhtinsky bridge.

From 20-30 orders a month, only three or four bring real satisfaction and Jeanne-businesswoman and Jeanne-artist. "I have a permanent principle of pricing, - says Jeanne, - as soon as the order becomes more than I can do, I raise my price. I do not take orders less than 2 kilograms, and generally try to teach their customers pay not for kilograms, and for the author`s performance. " There Jeanne teeth and other business principles: it never takes an advance payment for the work, and creates a relationship of trust with the client.

Zhanna Zubova continually invests in professional equipment, such as recently purchased for the printer, which prints on edible paper with edible paints.