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Year of birth : 1996

Age: 19 years

Place of Birth : Orange County, California, United States

Citizenship : United States

Diverse Music style

The first album - `Yellow` - came out in 1998, and only after that the band signed with the label ` Columbia Records` to release a full album. So, in the same year he went `Waste Of Mind`,after which the band went on tour.

American punk rock band `Zebrahead` was founded in Orange County, California (Orange County, California), in 1996. The composition of her later repeatedly changed and updated, and it all began with guitarist Greg Bergdorf (Greg Bergdorf),vocalist and guitarist Justin Mauriello (Justin Mauriello), bassist Ben Osmundsona (Ben Osmundson) and drummer Ed Adhusa (Ed Udhus). All the musicians were not beginners in rock music and to create a `Zebrahead` already played in different projects ; so before Justin was a member of `Once There`, Ben worked in the ` 3 -Ply`,and Greg and Ed were the creators of the group ` 409`.

Gathering musicians for some time seriously pondered the direction in which to express themselves and to what style to turn the newly created work gang. As a result, the style of music `Zebrahead` was very diverse - rap, punk, funk, alternative.

The first album - `Yellow` - came out in 1998 ,and only after that the band signed with the label `Columbia Records` to release a full album. So, in the same year he went `Waste Of Mind`, after which the band went on tour.

The next release was `Playmate of the Year`, the album was released in 2000, after the band went back on the world tour.Particular success has not brought a group album, but a couple of songs with him - `Now or Never` and ` Playmate of the Year` -polzovalis popular and even sounded as film soundtracks.

During the tour, they had a chance to play one concert stages with groups of `Green Day`,` Less Than Jake`, `Kottonmouth Kings`,` 311`, `Reel Big Fish`,`Goldfinger`. This was followed by a three-year break, and only in 2003 `Zebrahead` pleased fans of his new creativity - album ` MFZB`, and went `Waste of MFZB` next year. By the way, the abbreviation is very mixed transcript - `Mother Fucking Zebrahead Bitch`!. After that, the group left the soloist Justin Mauriello ,decided to conceive another project, but the team has not broken up, as many had expected. New vocalist Matty Lewis (Matty Lewis), a former member of `Jank 1000`, came to his place, and the first album with the renewed composition was released in February 2006 and was called ` Broadcast To The World`. By the way, supposedly ,new vocal soloist is very similar to the voice of Justin, and because any major changes in the team and did not happen. However, at first, to learn about the care and leadership of the founder, ` zebrofany` begun to panic ; later, however, they calmed down.

It is noteworthy that `Zebrahead` were just incredibly popular in Japan -they were able to collect the entire concert stadiums, while in America, so the resounding success of the group never had.

However, certain army of fans from ` Zebrogolovyh`, as they are called, still exists. By the way, the album `Waste of MFZB` recorded specifically for Japan.In March 2007, the band for a couple of months, sat in the studio recording new material, and went on tour in Europe in May. Later he was touring in the US, and then the musicians once again prepared a new record.

`Phoenix` album went on sale in 2008. The last to date album - `Panty Raid` - came out in 2009. The album is quite capacious, and includes 18 tracks, among them - the covers of famous songs.

It must be said that today the group `Zebrahead` not too much popularity - musicians often have to act as the opening act for more famous musicians and groups, however, have an opinion ,that ` Zebrogolovye` little lose their more successful colleagues.

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