Zbignev Buyak

Picture of Zbignev Buyak

Citizenship: Poland


The main Polish customs officer appointed Zbigniew Bujak (45). "This man has been tested in difficult times and is ready to perform special tasks" - described Bujak Polish Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek.

The new head of General Administration of Customs is known in Poland from communist times. As a young working tractor factory "Ursus", then he has acted in Korea - "working to protect the Committee." In August 1980, Bujak organized a strike at the factory, and in 26 years, led by regional organization "Solidarity" trade union. He was famous for the fact that after the introduction in December 1981 of the military situation in the country the longest underground hiding from the security forces.

Immediately after the change of political regime in Poland was elected a deputy of the Diet. But then I decided to make up for the revolutionary youth and engaged in learning. A few months ago he defended his master`s degree at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Warsaw. During this time he managed to get a few parties and is now a member of the Union of Freedom. "In front of me there are two basic tasks - Bujak said - to adapt the customs service of the requirements and standards of the European Union, as well as to prove to all the skeptics that the soldiers of the revolution can not only fight, but also to the creation of the reform." On its third main task of customs modestly. In absentia, he studied philosophy at the University.