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Year of birth : 1973

Age: 42 year

Citizenship : United States


If you thinkthat "the Company " - is a closed joint stock company, it is deeply mistaken. In fact, "ZAO" - an American team with Christian roots, chopping wild metalcore.

He founded the group in the mid- 90s drummer Jesse Smith, intending to stir up something in the spirit of "Earth crisis". The original lineup also included guitarist Roy Gowdy ,bassist Mick Cox and singer Eric Reeder, quickly replaced on Shauna Jones. After recording a couple of splits (with the "Outcast" and "Through and through") and the album "All else failed", "Zao" drew the attention of the siettlskogo label "Tooth & Nail Records". The company has signed artists to their imprint "Solid state",to specialize in hardcore and soon re-released their debut LP with a different cover.

About a second job " Zao " one of the critics wrote - " their music is so brutal that I almost cracked his head. " In support of "The Splinter Shards The Birth Of Separation" group held performances at the end of which Smith was surprised to find ,that all his companions had disappeared.

ZaoPoskolku Jess as a true striker was all on the drum, he did not panic and easily put together a new composition. At this time, Smith`s partners were guitarists Brett Deter and Russ Kogdell and vocalist Daniel Veyandt. Dan was a good frontman - he sang with such zeal ,it seemed he casts out demons, and it affects their lives. The fact that the team did not have a bass player, was offset by a coherent game two guitarists. On the album "Where Blood And Fire Bring Rest" a few staff deviated from Christian themes, making the songs more personal. Release of Records "Zao" noted tour with "Training for Utopia", and together with them also later released a split.

Almost immediately thereafter, Deter left to organize the project "Juliana theory", and was replaced by Scott Mellinger, whom Dan and Russ played in the band "Eight stars for Elijah". Following finally showed up, and the bass player ,which became a longtime friend of Jesse Rob Horner. Recorded renewed composition "Liberate Te Ex Inferis" brought the band the biggest concert hits - "Savannah". This song was dedicated to the rise and fall of a porn star.

ZaoSleduyuschuyu musicians recorded three record - Dan, Scott and Jesse. The album, entitled "Self-Titled",It was filled with electronic experiments, mrachnymivukovymi landscapes and melodic interludes. Curiously, on tour in support of "Self-Titled" group has gone with a new vocalist Corey Darst. This type of trying to copy the style of Daniel, but his power is clearly not enough. At the end of 2001, Dan returned to his seat, first as a guestAnd then permanently. Again, in the format of a trio of "Zao" we went into the studio, where under the supervision of producer Barry Poynter recorded the album "Parade of Chaos". Along the way, it has been rewritten and "All else failed". In 2003, the team returned Rob Horner and the team moved to the label "Ferret music".

Further, the band began a complete mess. First Dan made another attempt to get away, but he was able to return. While the negotiations were conducted with him, Jess, surrounded by a bunch of side projects, I decided to get off the "Zao". His example was followed and Rob. Ultimately bass went Shawnee Kaushik and drums - Stephen Peck. Having a rush of fresh blood, the band released an ambitious concept album. The theme "The funeral of God" was chosen the story of how God decided to leave an ungrateful mankind.

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