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Place of birth: Magadan

Citizenship: Russia


Recently, the annual turnover Bowl loans amounted to five hundred thousand five hundred WMZ.

Zahar Bowl (his nickname in the network - Velvet Longe) was born in Magadan. He studied at the fourth school district Avtotek. From an early age he engaged in business - he worked in the vegetable market and a gas station. Even then, the future businessman has got acquainted with the basic rules of successful and productive work.

In the late nineties Zakhar left his hometown and currently lives and works in Moscow. Since then, he managed to achieve a lot - together a solid capital and ranked among the leaders of virtual business.

Bowl is the founder of the popular virtual world service Lendmoney, providing various programs of lending to borrowers. Today, most of the customers of the creditor Zahar Bowl - is a network business, as well as various exchangers that exchange webmoney and other operations. In general, the audience borrowers businessman is not limited, but the selection criteria dovolno-taki serious. First of all, the customer must possess a minimum of a personal certificate, two-year registration in the system, a positive credit history. In addition, the company is interested in the Bowl and objectives of the loan, and repayment guarantees.

Loans are issued in WMZ.Odnovremenno, individually, recorded the borrower`s obligation to repay the loan.

The refund is carried out manually by the borrower at the time set by the agreement, and if the account the required amount. If the customer does not return the money in time, one hour is losing the ability to work in the system, and its Business Level (BL) is set to zero.

In this case, the borrower can only update your account, make an exchange webmoney and some other operations within WM-purse.

At the same time return the loan by the system WebMoney, automatically.

Naturally, the defaulting borrower goes unpunished. The arbitration system when he presented the claim as well as the requirement to pay a fine (penalty for violation of terms of payment).

Currently, the vast number of users are the owners of WM-keeper, by which carry a variety of virtual procedures, as well as exchange wmz. It`s fast, convenient and reliable. Online lending is not available to everyone. Zahar Bowl Businessman suggests that, perhaps, in the near future his company will offer consumer loans and a broad, but so far it is not profitable either creditors or their potential customers.

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