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Place of birth : Lincoln, United States

Citizenship : United States


The summer of 1969 top of the American lists of popularity for six weeks in a row took the song In The Year 2525.

Sager END EVANS (Zager AND Evans), an American vocal duet - Denny Zager and Rick Evans. The summer of 1969 top of the American lists of popularity for six weeks in a row took the song In The Year 2525 (Exordium AND Terminus) by a hitherto completely unknown duo ZAGER AND EVANS. " This futuristic ballad sounds as if she wrote one of the computers corporation Rand", - ventured reviewer magazine Time.Meanwhile, the author of this song was a man, Rick Evans, and he wrote it - by his own admission - for some half an hour. Although the duo and is one of the "heroes of one song ," his moment of glory, he got what he deserved. Participants ZAGER AND EVANS came from quite -rock - n-Nebraska `roll (much is known except that the name plate of Bruce Springsteen) . The first half of the duo, Danny Sager (Denny Zager, p. 1943, Uaymor, Nebraska) , at the end of school in 1961 organized a quintet THE eccentrics, which played country rock of its own production on the dance floors of clubs in Lincoln and Omaha.When a few years later, the band lost guitarist, Danny went to the contest of young talents, where he met and Rick Evans (Rick Evans, p. 1945), who unsuccessfully tried to interest the jury his introverted ballads. Evans became the guitarist THE eccentrics, but by 1964 ,when he composed his theme song (the defective his then bandmates) , Sager was gone and collected THE DEVILLES. Four years later, the two groups have not tasted success, collapsed, and Zager Evans decided to team up and settled in the capital of the state of Lincoln, where they began to form their new repertoire. The number of selected songs and hit In The Year 2525. Contrary to the opinion of Evans, who considered it a failure, a song regularly demanded an encore, and they decided to publish it. The recording was made in the town of Odessa, Texas, for five hundred dollars,after which the duo printed on the local factory a thousand copies of the plate and on the plate razvez own stores and radio stations, providing label Truth Records. The minor melody, the rhythm of the dance, in the tradition of vocal dvuhgolosyj hutenanni and text, penned under the influence of the then-fashionable ideas of Future Shock and numerous anti-utopia ,aroused the enthusiastic reaction of the audience - and even without the support of record companies song became a hit in Nebraska. New York manager Jerry Weintraub heard In The Year 2525, and immediately flew to Lincoln, where he proposed Zager and Evans his managerial services and then knocked them a contract with RCA. The second time the single was released in May ,a month later he appeared in the Top-100, and three weeks later, and a half months topped the charts of Billboard magazine. Released with a month delay self-titled album reached the Top30, but this success is, oddly enough, became the duo`s first and last - put before a choice: to build on the success in the direction that they are not attracted ,or put on the cross of his career, Zager and Evans chose the latter - in an interview with Fred Bronson in the early 80s Sager said he decided to leave the music, even when In The Year 2525 has been on top of the same chartov.V 1969 Zager and Evans parted. Danny lives with his family in Nebraska, and Rick - on the shore of Lake Tahoe in California. From time to time he speaks with his songs in the surrounding clubs. "We were friends, - stated in the same interview, Sager - a couple of times a year he calls me on the phone. " Discography 2525 (Exordium AND Terminus) (RCA, 1969).

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