Yury Vladimirskiy

Picture of Yury Vladimirskiy

Citizenship: Russia

biography ( "The rulers of Russia", "SATIS" St. Petersburg 1993)

He was born in the autumn of 1189 g .; He was with his father at the siege and capture of Pronsk in 1207 g .; smashed to pieces at p. Drozdny Chernigov, hostile to the Grand Duke, in 1209 g .; He appointed his father to inherit a princely table, by his elder brother, Constantine, who besieged and in Rostov in 1212. g .; the second siege of Constantine in Rostov and subjugated Moscow in 1213 .; He established of its Vladimir and Suzdal diocese, apart from Rostov, in 1215 .; Mstislav defeated utterly remove (see para. 145) and Constantine on Lipitsa field (Tartu County Vladimir province), whereby Constantine conceded Vladimir in 1216 g .;

by. Constantine`s death (see para. 110) took the Grand Buffet in 1219 .; He sent his son Svyatoslav Kama Bulgarians in 1220 .; laid Nizhny Novgorod in 1221 .; during the first invasion of the Tatars, out of contempt for him, I sent a team of Russian army only a small squad Rostov (800), who failed to make it to the battle on the river. Kalka, and he with all his squads hodil` to Novgorod and Torzhok robbed in 1224 .; personally I went to southern Russia to help Prince Michael Chernigov (later Saint), his brother-in and sent to the brothers Mordovians, in 1226 g .; personally I went to Mordovians to Nizhny Novgorod, in 1228 g .;

Congress Suzdal dying with his brother Jaroslaw (later the Grand Duke) and his nephews, the children of Constantine (see para. 110) in 1229 .; Jaroslav reconciled with Prince Michael of Chernigov in 1230 g .; offended krivodushiem this prince, personally led the army to Chernigov, but returned to the road in 1232 g .; generally with Prince Daniel of Galicia (see para. 67) to dispose of the fate of Kiev table in 1236 g .; denying the princes of Ryazan help against the Tatars, thereby betrayed the victim Ryazan in 1237 .; learned about the burning of Moscow, he went from Vladimir to Yaroslavl and killed there by the Tatars on the river. City March 4, 1238

The decapitated body of his, first burial in Rostov, Vladimir moved here and found incorrupt January 5, 1645, put in the Assumption Cathedral of the relics open in a silver reliquary.

Holy Prince George II was married twice: 1) unknown, 2) to Agathias, the daughter of the Red Vsevolod, Prince of Chernigov. From both marriages had four sons, of whom Vsevolod and Mstislav killed during the capture of the Tatars in Vladimir on the Klyazma, and two daughters, including Feuds-ru, who died with his mother, Grand Duchess Agathius