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The name of Yuri Nikolayevich Gaidukova, an officer of the Armed Forces, first appeared in print in the late 1990s. Information about it was very small, the media did not specify any location, or even the year of his birth. It was known only that in the late 1990s, the colonel, who served in the administration of Armored Forces of the Defence Ministry, led by the Federal Agency for Legal Protection of intellectual activity results of the military, special and dual purpose (FAPRID) under the Ministry of Justice (the head of which in 1997-1998 It was Sergei Stepashin). It was then Gaidukov as a public servant entered the board of directors of NGOs "Energomash". In February 2000, the new head of the Ministry of Justice Yuri Chaika dismissed Gaidukova "for gross violation of labor duties". According to an internal review, Gaidukov ordered to transfer a certain company "Universal Consult" more than 4 million rubles for the development of software for FAPRID, while these works were only partially implemented. This "Universal Consult" allegedly led one of Gaidukova relatives. According to the facts of the Russian Federation Prosecutor General`s Office opened a criminal case, which was later discontinued.

Gaidukov returned to the control of armored forces, and in 2005 was assigned to the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, chaired Stepashin. First Gaidukov was appointed deputy head of the inspection, and later headed the inspection.

September 11, 2007 (according to other sources - On 6 September) Gaidukov, who led the inspection of budget spending in the "NPO Energomash` `named after academician VP Glushko" (leading Russian enterprise for the production of rocket engines), was arrested on suspicion of bribes. First, media outlets mistakenly called it acting FSB officer seconded to the Accounting Chamber, but soon made it clear that he was involved with the Department of Defense and was the head of one of the inspections by the auditor of the Accounting Chamber, the former chairman of the Chechen government Sergei Abramov. On the same day, they were arrested and two alleged accomplices Gaidukova - lawyer, head of the Federal Bureau Advisory "Lord Enterprayziz" Nicholas Grey and entrepreneur Alan Gogic.

According to the Investigative Committee under the Russian Prosecutor`s Office Gaidukov, Grey Gogic and extorted money from management "Energomash" for changes in reporting on the verification of budget spending in the enterprise. It was argued that Gaidukov demanded a manual of 7 million euros. A source close to the investigation told the newspaper "Vremya Novostei" that the interrogations Gaidukov confessed to extortion, but explained that supposedly is not the whole amount of it was intended and that "big men stand behind him." September 19 news agencies reported that Moscow Garrison Military Court issued an arrest warrant Gaidukova and his associates (according to some sources, the sanction was received 13 September). Shortly thereafter Gaidukov heart attack was placed in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit of the 20th Moscow city hospital, but September 21 was back in jail. September 27, 2007 in the investigation of the same case, was arrested and the head of the Legal Department of the Accounting Chamber Zarina Farnieva.

When there have been reports in the press about the arrest Gaidukova, Sergei Stepashin said that the law enforcement authorities carried out the operation was due to the desire of the Accounting Chamber "the purification of crooks and thieves", and sent Gaidukova resign. However, September 21 Stepashin defended Gaidukova. He acknowledged that the board of the Chamber at the request of the Investigative Committee head Alexander Bastrykin authorized inspector Gaidukova attract criminal liability, but stated that this case had left him a lot of questions. Stepashin said that before going to work in the Accounting Chamber Gaidukov tested the FSB and was the "clean and honest, like a lamb." The head of the Chamber reminded reporters that Gaidukov was accused of corruption, although directly bribe did not get - with one million euros in banknotes marked spetssostavom, was detained lawyer Nicholas Grey, who, according to his lawyer, has received money from the management of NGOs as a fee for support enterprise scan. Stepashin also said that Gaidukov before his arrest, informed management of the Accounts Chamber of the attempts of some people to offer him a bribe, and that his staff check the NPO "Energomash", exerted strong pressure and check found an NGO a number of violations (which ones, Stepashin did not She said, explaining only that it is "the lack of intellectual property in the NGO registration and high-tech").

All detainees actually charged with only the mediation of taking a bribe, that is, the logic of the investigation, Gaidukov could be the last link in the chain of corruption. However, Stepashin said that the money is not received venture employees. Moreover, the immediate superior Gaidukova, the Accounts Chamber Auditor Abramov received a new assignment - was directed to organize test preparation for the Olympic Games in Sochi. He, according to Stepashin, will continue to oversee and verify NPO "Energomash". Abramov himself said that he doubted the guilt Gaidukova. In fact, the company began to assert that no bribes were given, and the scandal surrounding the NGO called provocation undertaken to destroy the NGO in its current form. However, after September 24 the court dismissed the petition advocates Gaidukova release from prison on bail, NGOs put forward their version of events. The company`s management stated that the seven million euros have extorted not for changes to the company inspection report, and for the unblocking of foreign economic activity of JV "RD-Amros" supplying rocket motors company Lockheed Martin.

According to the NGO Public Relations Center head, "Energomash" Yuri Korotkov, the Chamber was to verify the legitimacy and effectiveness of the use of federal property in the enterprise, but the auditors were more interested in foreign economic activities of NGOs (especially the work of the joint Russian-American enterprise "RD-Amros", which was It created in 1997 and is a resident of the United States). The Federal Service for Technical and Export Control, which in the course of checks allegedly accessed the auditors, has suspended the license of JV "RD-Amros" on the export of missile engines, resulting in "Energomash" has lost tens of millions of dollars, and the number of contracts had to be postponed indefinitely . These problems, according to NGO representatives, could only organize Gaidukov eventually work in the board of directors of "Energomash" who knew about the profitability of research and production association projects.

Korotkov also said that in July 2007, an NGO called Nikolai Grey, whose firm in the late 1990s was the legal advisor to the board of directors, "Energomash". Having met with the first deputy director of the NGO Dmitry Pakhomov, he, according to the company representative, proposed to solve the problems with checking for seven million euros. NGO Leaders appealed to the government and to the president of Russia (and then, in August 2007, the export license was returned), and then in the Office for Combating Corruption (Department "K") of the Russian FSB. Grey was arrested when he handed over a million euros in cash, marked spetssostavom. Then took custody and Gaidukova.

The media did not rule out that this scandal may use political opponents of Stepashin. In particular, the newspaper "Vremya Novostei" emphasized that the two detainees - and Gaidukov and Farnieva - has long worked with Stepashin, ever since, when he headed the Ministry of Justice, and after his move to the Accounting Chamber, both followed him. Stringer news agency notes that the compromising material on Gaidukova online compromat.ru was published in June 2007.

Gaidukov - PhD in political science (in 1997 he defended his thesis "Control of the strategic defensive systems in the military policy of the United States, 1980-1990").