Yury Galitskiy

Picture of Yury Galitskiy

Date of Birth: 11/26/1374

Age: 59

Place of birth: Pereslavl-Zaleski

Citizenship: Russia

biography ( "The rulers of Russia", "SATIS" St. Petersburg 1993)

He was born in Pereslavl on November 26, 1374, and baptized St. Sergius of Radonezh; at negotiated literacy Grand Prince Dmitry Donskoy with Prince Vladimir the Bold (see para. 52) recognized as "equal to his brother," the last in 1388 g .; for spiritual letter his father received from his grandfather Zvenigorod, Ruza and Galich in 1389 .; sent with his uncle Vladimir the Brave to meet Vitovtovna Sophia, Duchess of Lithuania (see para. 180), the bride of Grand Duke Vasily II of, his brother, in 1391 g .;

I went with the same uncle to Novgorod and took Torzhok in 1392 g .; on the orders of the Grand Duke, his brother, he fought - and won - Bulgaria Kazan in 1399 g .; contractual -gramotoy Grand Prince Vasily II with Prince Fedor Olegoviches Ryazan recognized as equal to the last in 1403 g .; after the death of Basil II of, prince, besides the generic inheritance, and Viatka, not only did not want to admit Basil III (cm. 44) Grand Duke, his nephew, but sent to him after the threats, and the left Dmitrov in Galich, where sent to him, to exhortation, St. Photius, Metropolitan of Moscow, in 1425 g .; He concluded with the nephew of a contract that requires each of them to the decision to remain with his khan, in 1428 g .;

nephew declaring war, I went to compete with him in Ordu in 1431 g .; Khan is not recognized in the Grand Duke`s dignity, he did not want to stay in Dmitrov and went to Galich in 1432 g .; from there, along with his sons moved. nephew, took Pereslavl, defeated Vasily III on April 25 p. Klyaz`ma 20 miles from Moscow, he came to Moscow, publicly declared himself the Grand Duke, and predmestniku his gave an inheritance Kolomna, but soon saw a coldness to his Muscovites - and voluntarily returned to Vasili III his throne, with which together had given his word to withdraw from his sons three Yurevich, in 1433 g .;

not slowing down, however, to send to this Yurevich Galician squad, his, to participate in the ratification of the Moscow-break on the river. Cusi himself on the ruin Galic Vasily III of, defeated his nephew in the Rostov region, has forced him to flee to Novgorod, on Mologa, Kostroma, Nizhny besieged Moscow, he came to the Kremlin, the second declared himself the Grand Duke, strengthened agreements with various feudal lords - and suddenly he died June 6, 1434

His body was buried at Moscow`s Cathedral of the Archangel.

Prince Galitsky Yuri was married from 1400 to Anastasia (died 1422.), Daughter of Prince George of Svyatoslav of Smolensk, and had by her three sons: Basil Diagon Dmitry Shemyaka (75 cm.) And Dmitry Red.