Yury Ekishev

Picture of Yury Ekishev

Date of Birth: 06/04/1964

Age: 52

Place of birth: Syktyvkar

Citizenship: Russia


Yuriy Yekishev (R. April 6, 1964, Syktyvkar) - Komi modern Russian writer, playwright and screenwriter, a mathematician, a political and religious leader, political prisoner.

In 1981 he graduated with honors from high school and as part of the Soviet team took part in the International Mathematical Olympiad (USA, Washington), where he won the silver medal.

"When I came back after the Olympics, our class ran away from school and three days on duty at the airport - that`s for sure. With banners and posters. Flight delayed, the boys slept on benches waiting for the plane, for which I thank them so far - be present as friends. Well, that was a silver medal - with excitement, I mixed with cotangent tangent, that`s all "[1].

No examination was adopted at the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Moscow State University, transferring to Syktyvkar State University after two years. After an internship at the Department of Differential Geometry at Leningrad University topology, until 1989 worked as a teacher of the department of geometry, mathematical statistics and the theory of the Syktyvkar University management. I engaged in the topology of manifolds of small dimension. I classify particular symplectic manifolds of dimension 3.

More student began to engage in literary work, but devoted himself to it since 1989. As a writer made his debut in 1995 in the journal "Continent" with the story "under the protection". Then followed other publications in journals (see list. Below). the first (and so far only) book "On Love in the third person" was published in 2002. Member of the Moscow Union of Writers. Creativity writer warmly received by critics, it is called "one of the best contemporary writers of the middle generation," [2]. His "clear and yet profound prose more and more it seems ... from an unknown signal, gone to the bottom" of consciousness of civilization ` "[3].

In 1994, together with his father had built in his native village of Watch Temple (later Stefano Athanasian monastery) in the name of the new martyr Bishop Victor (Ostrovidov), in memory of his deceased friend Victor Vaykume. In 1996-1999 he headed the recreated Stefano Prokopevsko brotherhood. He was engaged in the preparation for publication of the Orthodox literature on the Komi language (or parallel Komi and Russian or Church Slavonic text) issued a Prayer (1994), the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom (1996), prepared for publication Four Gospels and the Psalms. Subsequently, after a conflict with the local leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church (Bishop of Syktyvkar and Vorkuta Pitirim) moved to the ROCOR, after the split of supporters who supported the recently deceased Metropolitan Vitaly (the so-called ROCA (V)).

In the 1990s, he was among the organizers of the Orthodox-monarchist movement in the Komi Republic and founded his newspaper "Mirror". Chairman of the Board of interregional public movement "Union of National Revival" and curator of the Republican "Movement against illegal immigration". In 2003, nominated for the post of head of Sysolsky region of the Komi Republic, received 26.84% of votes (at 37.71% for the winner) [4]. Regularly I tried to organize rallies and pickets of supporters in Syktyvkar, in spite of the fierce opposition of the local authorities and the police. Finally, on the "signal" of the local head of the organization "Memorial" Igor Sazhin was 27 November 2006 prosecuted under Articles 280 and 282 of the Criminal Code; sentenced to one and a half years in a penal colony. The last word indulgence of the court did not ask: "My conscience is clear. Moreover - I blame myself for what I am still doing little in this direction. I am aware of all fatal perspectives to which we are present authorities, and, accordingly, act consciously on the protection of his people on their own land. " In conclusion, he wrote an essay "Russia in captivity." Currently, the new charges against him nominated.