Yury Bem

Picture of Yury Bem

Age: 91

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Yuri Ottovich Boehm was born in 1924 in Moscow. His mother was originally from Vyatka. Maternal grandfather was a gilder icons; it was profitable and respected profession, but family was not small - thirteen. Father George was born in Kiev, of Russified Bohemian Germans. In Moscow, he came to study, but became interested in politics - organized student strikes and uprisings, for which he landed in jail. Actually, there and caught him during the First World War. After the father Yuri War joined the Bolshevik Party, where he could use his organizational skills legitimately. He specialized in the organization of education, he networks. These activities resulted in a young party worker in the Vyatka region, where he met his future wife. But Vyatka family lived briefly. Activity was assessed Otto Boehm - Lenin called him with his family in Moscow. Position he got rather big - he worked in Narkomprossa organs was higher school head of department. (Today, this position can be compared with the Minister of Education). However, he worked there for long. In 1937, he was arrested and then shot.

The family Bohm had two children and after the arrest of Yuri`s father with his sister were left alone. Yuri graduated from the School in 1941 - his final ball fell on the eve of war. A month later began to bomb Moscow. Like all boys his age Yuri Bem ran after the bombings on the roofs with tongs and buckets - put out incendiary bombs. But his patriotism demanded more and seventeen Yuri went to the Komsomol district committee to ask the front. Of course, he refused: `Son enemy naroda`, of German origin, and age it is not passed, - the draft board was then still very selective. Nobody believed in the duration of the war and could not foresee how many human lives it requires.

Military career of Yuri began in 1943. It was then that he was in the military unit, where trained NCOs. Yuri specialized in shooting anti-tank rifle, and graduated with the rank of sergeant. The whole course took less than a year - by the end of 1943, Bohm went to the front. In the middle of the course in the curriculum of the representatives began to visit different military units and recruit people. Yuri joined the airborne troops. I move them at the same time not so much patriotism as nostalgia - are often in the suburbs. George`s sister had already returned from evacuation to Moscow, and her brother is very bored, and just wanted to go home. The calculation was correct - its frontline career Yuri Boehm started at Mariana Gorka, but he stayed there a short time, in 1945, its 345 th Infantry Regiment was sent under Budapest, where the hottest battles were fought in a while. These fights Yuri Ottovich Bem saw in his dreams the troubled war even many years later.