Yulia Pojidaeva

Picture of Yulia Pojidaeva

Date of Birth: 09/22/1982

Age: 34

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

On behalf of Ondine

Author: Victor Goryachev

Website: Celebrities

Julia, how the character of the heroine of the series coincides with yours?

- My character lives by the sea, nature and its interests. I do not live near the sea, but I`m interested in the same things. In me have the same savagery.

- In Yalta, filmed the first series?

- In Yalta starred nature for all series. We started filming in April, it was cold and had to play summer. Shooting is very beautiful: nature, boat, dolphins. Very intelligent animals. There was a case when someone dropped the glass from points on bottom of the pool, and the coach gave the command: "Come on, baby, look!" And dolphin gently pulls in the beak is glass. They perfectly feel your mood, and when you`re in a bad mood or fear, it is better not to approach them. Although interesting with them, but talk is better when there instructor.

- What are the relations with the partners on the set?

- Great, I was very lucky with the partners. Lead partner - Alain Khmelnytsky, she plays a mother. We had immediately found a common language. It is very human to itself and thus has a professional with a capital letter.

- Do you have any idols in the profession?

- I like the actors and actresses of the past generations. From men - Mikhail Ulyanov. I think that the actors of that era must learn them naturally, but given the current realities. And I wanted to work with them.

- How do you define the ratio of creativity and commerce in the acting profession?

- I am opposed to filming in a stupid advertising, but, on the other hand, we can not blame anyone, because it is simply impossible to zhittolko "theatrical" money. I do not know how things will turn, but today I want to be removed is not advertising, but in a big movie. It is necessary to define what is yours, and that - no, and go your way.

- How do you recover after the overload?

- I like to communicate with friends, going to the movies. And read! Now I read Paulo Coelho. He was close to me in view of the world. In Murakami`s turn. I like to draw, interesting technique - paint with your fingers, using makeup. Images are obtained mainly abstract.

- Julia, and how would you formulated his philosophy of life?

- Life is mysterious as much as you it make come true. It is I myself came up with. If you really want something, it`s true. I want to give people their heat, their energy. I do not know how things turn out, but I want to make a living love.

- What can not you forgive people?

- Just do it. But if the person betrayed me, I will no longer communicate with him. I do not like explanations and leave quietly.

- Julia, and you believe in the perfect love?

- I believe! I say that you are still small, you have a children`s maximalism, that does not happen, that life sucks ... But I do not want to live like that! I really want to love this. I want to have a child from such a love. I believe and wait.

- Julia, next, 2004 - Year of the Monkey. Your wishes to our readers.

- I want to make this year everyone discovered something new in love, profession, and just in life. That this was a year of discoveries and acquisitions. The most important thing - to be in harmony with its nature.