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Year of birth : 1980

Age: 35 years

Place of birth : Los Angeles, USA

Citizenship : United States


"Youth brigade" came the Los Angeles in the summer of 1980, when California experienced the heyday of punk. Group founded by brothers Stern (Shaun Adams and Mark)

"Youth brigade" arose Losanzhelesskim the summer of 1980, when California experienced the heyday of punk. Based group brothers Stern (Shaun Adams and Mark) , believes that " youth" is not age, and state of mind. Based on this postulate, in 1979 Mark and Shaun organized "Better youth organization",dedicated to the promotion of alternative art and aiding various creative endeavors. In the development of his ideas in 1982, the brothers founded the record label "BYO records".

But back to the music. His first concert "Youth brigade" played at the end of 1981 to "Godzilla" New Year`s party at the club. Then "BYO records" were recorded three songs for the single "Someone Got Their Head Kicked In", and in summer 1982, the " Gang " went into the first North American tour. Performances captured on film, and on his return home debut album was concocted "Sound & Fury".

The album was released the following year and caused a strong reaction ,and "Youth brigade" successfully swept across America. In 1984, "Sound & Fury" was licensed in England, and the team began an offensive on Europe, visiting Holland, Germany, France, Yugoslavia, Poland, Italy and Spain. Back in the States, the younger Adam decided to take their education and time away from the punk Affairs. Shaun and Mark continued to operate under the guise of "The brigade", but we must admit that the three still fared better.

In 1991 Sterns again toured America and Europe, but this time Mark Adam as part of "The Royal Crown Revue", and Shaun - with "That`s It". In one of the bars in Hamburg their paths crossed ,brothers and a beer decided to revive the "Youth brigade". In January 1992, the team began working on new material, and by the summer the guys were ready EP "Come Again".

The group again paid a visit to Europe, and documented it on video. 10 years after the first release in the light of a new studio album, "Happy hour".The next record " brigadiers " was recorded with the help of guitarist Johnny Vikerskhema. "To" turned out to be extremely successful and made a strong impression on critics. Balance 1996 team held a world tour. By studio activity brothers back in 1998, when the recorded 30-second song for "Short Music For Short People" collection. The composition had a raw punk sound, and the band decided to return to his roots.

The following year, they produced six tracks of such a plan, which entered the collection of the "BYO Records". Critics were again delighted, but since then the team has not managed to please their fans with something new.The new album was postponed from year to year, and the concerts were very sporadic.

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