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Year of birth : 2004

Age: 11 years

Birthplace : Irvine, californium, USA

Citizenship : United States

Giants in California

`Young the Giant` - American indie rock band ,Based in the city of Irvine, californium (Irvine, California), in 2004, the year. Despite the fact that during the first years of the team remained in the shadow of other indie rock bands, in 2009, the band signed a contract with LEBL `Roadrunner Records`, and a year later released a self-titled studio album ` Young the Giant`.

Luck, as we know,love is not all : it is someone like myself jumping in the hands - can only catch - the other, on the contrary, can spend months and years, with open arms waiting for her, but never found. Fortunately, career `Young the Giant` not go to extremes, although, according to many critics, musicians deserve the level oferror status: 400error status: 400however, the present composition has been formed a few years later, in 2008, when a group led by Samir Gadi (Sameer Gadhia). Soon he was joined by Jacob Tilley (Jacob Tilley) on guitar, Eric Cannata (Eric Cnnata) as a second guitarist, Payam Dustsedeh (Payam Doostzadeh) on bass and Komtua Francois (Francois Comtois), which became the drummer. It was this lineup the band began to write new songs that are somewhat different from the style of the first team compositions. Playing in the group complicated by the fact that not all the participants have finished high school, so they had to find time for rehearsals and recording studio during the breaks between classes and homework.

In 2009-m, the band performed at the festival `South by Southwest`, after which fan groups base has increased dramatically. Group Creativity beginning to be in demand on the Internet, and soon their songs began to appear in the programs and shows; some songs were in the rotation California radio station KROQ. The gradual increase in the popularity of the Neogene not pay attention to the labels on the musicians. So, in 2009, the label `Roadrunner Records` offered children a contract that was signed a few days. Shortly before that, the band announced the name change to `Young the Giant`.

Interestingly, in the case of the group `Young the Giant` idea of ` new name -error status: 400error status: 400error status: 400mogie singles group fans can get free soon after their official release. Subsequently, they were only available for purchase. Throughout the year, the band did not stop giving concerts and performing at festivals. in 2011, they performed at the awards ceremony ` 2011 MTV Video Music Awards`,and after only two days left for the tour with a group of `Incubus`.

In 2012, Go `Young the Giant` released a single ` Apartment`, as well as the fans said that soon they will start recording a new album. The record, however, require much more effort than they had anticipated, and its output is assigned to the 2014 -th year.error status: 400Abel in his autobiography mentions that his first recognition as a photographer was quite early - it was the first prize in the competition, and his winning shot boy did just taking a walk with his father.

Today, the photographer `s name is known throughout the world for permanent posts in the famous magazine `National Geographic`. Generally ,photo Sam dedicated their entire lives.

It is known that his interest in the photos started in childhood - his father, a geography teacher, and also led fotokruzhok and strongly encouraged the enthusiasm of his son. By the way, in his autobiography Abel mentions that his first recognition as a photographer was quite early - it was the first prize in the competition ,error status: 503error status: 400without exaggeration, the whole world. It is this image and decorate the cover of his book - `Seeing Gardens`. There is a collection Abel and photos from Russia, or rather, from the former Soviet Union. For example, in one of his trips to Moscow Abel I tried to take a photo of the tuple MS Gorbachev. An attempt has been very unsuccessful - security Gorbachev reacted instantly ,error status: 400mainly dokumentalnyepri full, at first glance, the simplicity is incredibly deep - he skillfully focuses on seemingly quite minor details, which ultimately determine the absolutely stunning ` zvuchanie` his works.

In May 2009, Abell received an honorary doctorate from the University of Toledo (University of Toledo).Sam Abell was the author of several books, the last of which - `The Life of a Photograph` - published in 2002

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