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Americans Yo La Tengo of those bands that seem tailor made for adoration from critics. Risky eclecticism ,causing independence and insatiable creative ambition - music critics, it is enough to heap praise on the team, turning into praises.

Frontman Ira Kaplan (Ira Kaplan) knows all of this kitchen inside - one time he worked as a music journalist, before he found his calling in the artistic field.But the special target someone like y Yo La Tengo was not even in my thoughts. Team enthusiastically rushed from one extreme to another - from energetic rock to sweet melodic pop, loading their records in equal proportions cold-blooded calculation and carefree enthusiasm. Fertile and overactive ,Yo La Tengo finally melted a myriad of influences into a charming indie sound, allowing them to "prescribed" in the indie commune.

The mysterious name of Yo La Tengo is simple: because it sounds in Spanish cry of baseball at the far end of the field : "I took it ! " (Ie the ball) . Twenty years ago, back in 1984, a resident of Hoboken, NJ ,vocalist and guitarist Ira Kaplan chose this name for their newly formed group. It was a family row: Ira companion was his wife Georgia Hubley (Georgia Hubley), drummer and vocalist. Before you embark on an adventure called Yo La Tengo, Kaplan, as has been said, he has worked as a music journalist ,printed, including the pages of "Spin" and "New York Rocker", he held a number of concerts beginning rockers, and in 84 - th year as a part of different groups played in the famous club hobokenskom "Maxwells". By the mid-80s it was possessed by the individual music ,who began collecting your library even at nine years : the first plate was bought by them "Machine Head" Deep Purple, then came "Toys in the Attic" Aerosmith. His wife, Georgia, which is in addition to music and engaged in animation and just preparing the animated film, to keep him company. They rehearsed in the basement of the club ,playing covers of your favorite artists.

Kaplan and Hubley made a lengthy ad in search of like-minded people who have shared their passion for Soft Boys group, Mission of Burma and Love with Arthur Lee (Arthur Lee) at the helm. The announcement, which has already become legendary in rock circles, appeared in the magazine "Village Voice". Wishing there was a lot of ,but none of the audition lead guitarists and bass players for a long time did not stay in the group. Yo La Tengo has recorded the single "The River of Water", published together with a cover of the song Love "A House Is Not a Motel" at the end of 1985, and a permanent structure to form is still not possible. Only shortly before the studio sessions for the preparation of full-length debut, the team has admitted two new members : guitarist Dave Skramma (Dave Schramm) and bassist Mike Lewis (Mike Lewis). They recorded the guitar for the first studio release of Yo La Tengo "Ride the Tiger", which appeared in 1986. Recording produced by Clint Conley (Clint Conley), former bass player of their favorite team Mission of Burma. " Group humble folk- rockers ," as he called his team Ira Kaplan, presented on the album an interesting track version of Ray Davis (Ray Davies, frontman The Kinks) "Big Sky". Once the album "Ride the Tiger" was released, both rookie ,Skramm and Lewis, decided to look for fortune elsewhere.

Responsibilities of the lead guitarist had to take the frontman team who finished from then on the absolute leading position. In preparation for the recording of their second album "New Wave Hot Dogs", Yo La Tengo have used the services of bassist Stephen Wisniewski (Stephen Wichnewski).Musicians have found much more confident expressing their ideas, and at the same time took advantage of the chance to once again admit to love Velvet Underground. Firstly, in the track list of the album they included a cover version of "It`s Alright (The Way That You Live)" Velvet Underground. Secondly, thoughtful vocal manner Ira Kaplan, his polurechitativ ,yes, and his guitar technique and begs for a comparison with Lou Reed (Lou Reed, Velvet Underground vocalist) . Third, strong, smooth drum, is run by Georgia Hubley, insinuating her backing vocals to remembrance the forewoman of the business, Maureen Tucker (Maureen Tucker), drummer Velvet Underground.Kaplan never became an outstanding guitarist, but it is always rescued enthusiasm and a sense of musical texture. "New Wave Hot Dogs" was a huge qualitative leap forward in comparison with the debut attempt.

Full-time bass player for a long time remained to command a constant headache. To record a third of Longpleya "President Yo La Tengo" in 1989, they were invited to a session bassist Gina Hlodera (Gene Holder), who served as a producer and function. The album opens with an impressive composition "Barnaby, Hardly Working", filled with shrieking and screaming. As if by a searchlight beams flashed typical " schizophrenic " sound Yo La Tengo,most openly illustrated two versions of the track "The Evil That Men Do": a very lively and whimsical version of the vocals, and the second - ornate instrumentals. "President Yo La Tengo" - this is another step forward in the realization of bold creative ambitions and musical experiments ,a new level of performance and quality sound.

Dave Skramm returned to the team to record their fourth album "Fakebook" (1990) . The acoustic journey through the territory of the folk- rock that has taken Kaplan, overwriting sign for him songs of other artists, recreates the " family tree " Yo La Tengo,discovers their origins and supports. Tastefully selected collection of mostly minor compositions include a variety of things - from forgotten nuggets ("Oklahoma USA" Kinks group, "You Tore Me Down" Flamin` Groovies, "Tried So Hard" from the repertoire of Gene Clark) to absolutely anyone unknown records (eg,"The One to Cry" Escorts group, or "Yellow Sarong", first performed Scene Is Now). Several original new things were diluted re-recorded versions of their own songs Yo La Tengo ("Barnaby, Hardly Working" and "Did I Tell You?").

The great luck for the team was the emergence of the state of the new bass player James McNeil (James McNew),which came in 1991, they have had the experience of playing in the Christmas group. 22 -year-old McNeil agreed to help them in the US, and then in the European tour and now 13 years have not parted with Yo La Tengo. Recorded with his participation EP "That Is Yo La Tengo" preceded the release of the new studio Long-play "May I Sing With Me" (1992). The album included a nine symbolic saga "Mushroom Cloud of Hiss" and made extensive use of improvisation, they fell into the optional, but nice melodic passages ("Detouring America With Horns") or infectious indie - pop. According to tradition, it was engaged in producing Gene Holder.

Establishing relations with the new label, Matador,the band soon started preparing a disc "Painful", published in 1993. Creative Evolution has led the team to expand the sound palette, the development of new techniques and finding fresh sources of inspiration. The album "Painful", with his volatile mood and atmosphere of the multilayered, gravitating to the dream- ass ,He presented including two radically dissimilar versions of the composition "Big Day Coming". In a first embodiment, the leading role was played by the body adjusts to minor way, in the second all measured sharp, teasing guitar.

Studio attempt in 1995 "Electr-O-Pura", like its predecessor, does not fit into the narrow confines of a single genre. The team did not suffer stylistic limitations, preferring to move zigzag from the allusions to the theme of " British Invasion " ("Tom Courtenay") to unobtrusive Volk ("Pablo and Andrea" by Hubli) , starting on the road to the instrumental experiments ("Decora"). It is worth noting,that the composition of "Tom Courtenay" was one of the most lovely and elegant saranzhirovana pop tunes in their career.

A year later, fans of the group were holding on two compilation CD "Genius + Love = Yo La Tengo" (1996). The publication is not too much to understand all the creative evolution of Yo La Tengo: B-sides, rare singles, unpublished material, tracksThat were included in various collections and compilations.

Yo La Tengo since the advent of so many times compared with the Velvet Underground, it was quite logical to invite them to a cameo role in the film "I Shot Andy Warhol", where musicians reincarnated in their idols. The soundtrack is also not without their participation - they recorded the song "Demons".

Since the beginning of the 90`sEspecially after the arrival of bassist James McNeil, touring activity of Yo La Tengo began to gain momentum. One of the most successful performances the trio said their set at Lollapalooza festival in 1995, where they also made friends with Sonic Youth and Coolio. Expanding the geography of travel (UK -Germany- Spain-France) and communicating with many peers, they themselves feel more confident, and found all new adherents. When in the spring of 1997 released the album "I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One", its commercial output surpassed all previous achievements the group (disk marked in the Top 20 " billbordovskogo " chart Heatseekers),and the press has paid unprecedented album until attention. Complementing their sound elements of psychedelia and ambient music, the band decided to go though the entire history of rock and ballads remind listeners about Neil Young (Neil Young), loud guitars, My Bloody Valentine, mysticism Velvet Underground, the covers of Beach Boys, samples Baharacha Burt (Burt Bacharach)."I think we were just lucky, - says Kaplan -. We felt that we wanted to somehow change, but we do not want to turn into something quite unlike anything that we`ve done before we could only believe. what we do, and trust your feelings. "In the summer of `98 the group was invited to the famous British Reading Festival and shared the stage with Travis, Super Furry Animals, Grandaddy and other teams. They took another interesting suggestion - to participate in the famous animated series about the Simpson family, for which wrote a new psychedelic track. Working with animated characters inspired artists to create another composition "Let`s Save Tony Orlando`s House", one of the first written for the new Long-play "And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out", which they published in 2000. So far, the commercial explosion is not reached, but a group of such a goal had never been ,but its share of attention album received. In the national Billboard 200 just before he reached the position of 138, but in online albums became # 7 ranking. Paying more attention to careful finishing material, the musicians gave the arrangements of transparency and lightness, and Sound - a special finesse.No wonder this collection of introspective songs of romantic critics called the most autobiographical work of the team.

In addition to solo concerts as part of a promotional campaign in 2000, Yo La Tengo acted as a backing band Ray Davies, leader of the Kinks, in his solo US tour. A year later, they helped him to record a new solo album. And soon began training for a long time planned eight -day festival Hanukkahpalooza, in their hometown of Hoboken.

In 2001, it took another excursion Yo La Tengo in the movies. A documentary about the inhabitants of the underwater world, shot by French director Jean Peynle (Jean Painleve), was released, accompanied by melodies ,specially written by an American trio. In late 2001, Yo La Tengo have played some of the material live at the Film Festival in San Francisco, in the program which involved painting. Soundtrack album "The Sounds of the Sounds of Science" - 90 minutes of instrumental music - was released in early 2002. Meanwhile, already finalized a new studio disc. The first promo single "Nuclear War", which was attended by five versions of the ethno - jazz compositions Ras Sun, was published in the autumn of the same year. And in Spring 2003 has pleased fans of the team new album "Summer Sun". In the opinion of the reviewers, the disc was as smooth and thoughtfulAs previous work was different and eclectic imagination. More and more away from the intriguing guitar pop, the group prefers more refined, trimmed Sound. For the first time the sound of the songs are so full of grand piano. Although the album is hardly the strongest work of Yo La Tenga, he was in the Top 5 of the independent charts ,and Heatseekers ranking reached the second row. Its release coincided with the preparation of the avant-garde rock opera "Mirror Man" composer David Thomas (David Thomas), in the creation of a very active role played by Georgia Hubley.

Covering the entire 20 years of the path traversed by Kaplan, Hubley and now ,who faithfully went about their business, regardless of its monetary equivalent, a columnist for "USA Today" has aptly called Yo La Tengo " one of the last true rock visionaries. "

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