Yevsey Gordanov

Picture of Yevsey Gordanov

Age: 82

Citizenship: Russia

The Conspirator against Paul I

Gordanov enjoyed the benevolence of the Emperor Paul. So, one day at a divorce when his horse slipped and the Emperor angrily said: "Poorly shod," everyone was expecting strict penalties, but such was not followed, and a few days later Pavel Petrovich on divorce is presented Gordanovu silver circle horseshoes. Another time Gordanovu were rescued from exile comrade Safonov Eutykhios found sovereign asleep in the inner guard. Gordanov persuaded Paul Petrovich Safonov delay the justification of the regiment, and in the meantime comrades resorted to the intercession of Princess Gagarina, and Safonov was forgiven.

In the fateful night March 11, 1801 at Gordanova Count Pahlen was assigned the duty to observe the Empress.

When Maria Feodorovna woke up, it to penetrate into the room the Emperor, it had to go through the halls. There she ran into the inner guard of the Horse Guards, who was standing on the opposite side of the bedroom Pavel Petrovich; when the guard was Gordanov whom Zubov for committing crimes said: "It`s over! Do not let anyone until shalt."

Gordanov prevented the Empress soldiers declare that - for the death of the Emperor - it has come to the throne, and then, when the Empress fell, lifted and carried her into her apartment.

At the coronation march regiment on July 29 passed through Gatchina. Empress Maria Feodorovna learned Gordanova, and the same number was given in the regimental order; "Regimental adjutant not to use in any position." August 22 was placed in the regimental order, "the regimental adjutant Gordanovu take still his position." This lasted until the day the regiment coming to Moscow, where by virtue of the highest order was given in order regimental September 3: "Made from the regimental adjutant cornet Gordanov in staff-captains determined in Narva Dragoon Regiment."

Gordanov left Moscow, but did not go to the Caucasus, where there were then Narva Dragoons and went to the village where the tendered his resignation. February 8, 1802 he was dismissed from the service staff captain.

According to family legend, Gordanovu was forbidden to leave the village, but rather, that he was only forbidden from entering the capital, because of the relationship of Novgorod governor Kushnikova to FP Uvarov 30 April 1803 shows that the Gordanov was in January of that year Novgorod province with a relative of his Ovtsyna. According to the same sources, Uvarov repeatedly petitioned for forgiveness Gordanova, but to no avail; but after Uvarova Gordanov "repeatedly received welfare, including one 15 kDa rubles.".

Gordanov owned in Maloarhangelskom County 110 souls in the estate Evtihovskoy, purchased with the assistance of his old friend Eutykhios Safonov. He died a bachelor in June 1859