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Date of Birth: 04/27/1927

Age: 72

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

`Man in kadre`

While still a student at VGIK he made his debut in the film Alexander Stolper "Days and Nights", but its official debut in the film believe Stakhovich role in the film of his teacher Sergei Gerasimov`s "Young Guard", which the actor played in 1948.

The release of fresh young forces eclipsed the names of the end of the forties. Gurzo Ivanov, Tikhonov, Bondarchuk, Shagalova, Mordjukova, Morgunov. The film created a sensation by Muscovites accomplishes a pilgrimage to the cinema and the director immediately won the Stalin Prize of all kinds. After the film - silence, oblivion. Globe scenes in films are often weak - by-night. Just a movie Yevgeny Morgunov performed over 100 roles, but glorified his role mask Byvaly comedy directed by Leonid Gaidai "Dog Mongrel and unusual cross".

The ten-minute short film has given new life to the actor. It became popular. He began to learn on the street, in shops, in the subway (which he often used). Gaidai has put him on a par with the leading actors of comedy. Three-Vitsin Nikulin-Morgunov broke through bryuzzhateley criticism and skeptics and emerged on the wide screen of the country and the world, as it was in those years is not easy. And after the "Operation" s films "and other adventures Shurik" and "Prisoner of the Caucasus" was the popularity of these actors simply fantastic.

However, to say that this trio of famous artists was a friend in my life, it would not be quite right. Moreover, once they are in earnest quarreled. Before the start of one of the regular representations of the circus on the colored Boulevard, the main entrance approached Yevgeny Morgunov with the deputy badge on his lapel and passing all viewers said that to solve all their housing problems, they can contact the director of the circus. Once the number of applicants has exceeded half a dozen, Yuri Nikulin sent his assistant to find out what`s the matter. After clarifying all details Nikulin ordered not to let Yevgeny Morgunov in a circus, "We have enough, and his clowns!"

As for the solo - Yevgeny Morgunov, he performed well in the movies "Three Fat Men", "The Tale of Wasted Time", "Pokrovsky Gates", "rode the tram Ilf and Petrov."

Of the latter film - "Brave Guys", "Marsh - Street," "Womanizer -2" and even the Russian-American film "The imperial treasures of my grandfather," where he, along with Hollywood actors played a school farm chairman than conquered not only the Russian but American audiences.

Also of interest are his acting work in the film "The Pokrovsky Gates", "rode the tram Ilf and Petrov."

Yevgeny Morgunov - the author of the four scenarios, one of which was the basis for his directorial debut. In 1962 he put a picture of "When Cossacks Cry" - in the early stories by Mikhail Sholokhov.

Yevgeny Morgunov - Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1978).

Actor Yevgeny Morgunov died on the 73-year life in Moscow in the Central Clinical Hospital from a stroke June 25, 1999.

While studying at the acting faculty of VGIK in the 40s, Morgunov was a slender, lean and rather handsome young man. Thus it can be seen as a traitor Stakhovich in the film "Young Guard". But somehow, even then in the institute`s wall newspaper under the heading "Pictures of the Future" Morgunov portrayed very thick. Probably, it was clear from the outset that a good actor should be a lot thinner and it will not last long. However, doubts that a good actor Morgunov, occurred frequently. Before you withdraw from Leonid Gaidai glorified in his role as the experienced bandits, Morgunov subsist on last roles in the theater actor, where he kept trying to kick out of mediocrity. After one such attempt Morgunov addressed to the director Alexander Dovzhenko, which he once appeared in the crowd, asking them to give him a response.

Dovzhenko wrote:

"Talented whether Morgunov? I do not know, but if you get stuck in the expedition vehicle, Morgunov immediately pull it.

Do Morgunov is talented? I do not know, but Morgunov well tolerate heat and cold, and if necessary - unpretentious in food.

Do Morgunov is talented? I do not know, but he is well able to milk a cow and carries on his feet flu. Such as Morgunov, indispensable in expeditions. Do Morgunov is talented? I do not know, but you know something, whether Morgunov "talent.

The management of the theater did not really understand what hints venerable director, but left alone joker, who almost brought to a heart attack management. Personality Yevgeny Morgunov overgrown with legends in an artistic environment, long before he gained nationwide fame, starring in comedies gaydaevskih "Dog Mongrel and unusual cross", "Bootleggers", "Operation" Y "," Prisoner of the Caucasus ".

If we assume Coward, Bobby and Experienced a kind of incarnation of the three national heroes, three mythological heroes, then Morgunov was certainly the most important - Ilya Muromets, confident in themselves and their power, which is converted into unbridled audacity only from nature latitude. Reincarnated in the experienced Morgunov was not necessary - in fact, he played himself. For example, a raise novice actor, he has received as a result of one of its riskiest jokes. Once in the theater actor came Molotov and Kaganovich, who came to meet Morgunov and introduced the artistic director of the theater. In this capacity, he talked with them for over an hour and asked to raise the salaries of the actors of the lowest category, which was done. More Morgunov loved to approach anyone of the passengers in the subway car, show the red book and say, "Come."

Reins uncomplaining little citizen on the street, Morgunov generously let him go. He also liked to the bus stop to pull a trolley bus horn, ask a passerby (consistently taken Morgunov for the driver because of poverty costume) to hold them and watched with interest the developments. In transport Morgunov and then pretended the controller, in the restaurant - enforcement officer who monitors the attackers and that the waiters were simply afraid to bear the expense. Morgunov famous for the ability to undergo free everywhere - at the stadium, in the bath, free ride in a taxi with the help of the red booklet, like a business card, and a little creative, but convincing acting skills. Sometimes he used his talents and unselfish to - day in Kiev, he gave himself the son of Pavlik Morozov, and on that basis took bully the policemen.

During the filming of the first film Gaidai, which featured the legendary trio - "Dog Mongrel and unusual cross" - the dog who played Barbosa, all the while biting it Morgunov. In the "Bootleggers" starring a different dog, he is also the first thing attacked the experienced. They say that a dog bite bad people. Sometimes they bite the negative characters, played very plausible. Yevgeny Morgunov was loved by the people. No wonder it is known parodist Alexander Ivanov wrote this epigram on him: Even though the label stuck "Experienced"

And the whole image of a lead,

It can be seen all over: he`s a good fellow,

And this is in trouble will not fail!

She appeared in films:

1961 Scarlet sails actor

1961 Nahalenok actor

1961 Dog Mongrel and unusual cross actor

1961 Bootleggers

1948 Young Guard Actor

1954 The commander actor

1955 Mother actor

1955 Mexican actor

1956 Road of Truth actor

1959 actor Anushka

1959 White Nights actor

1959 actor Vasily Surikov

1959 Chernomorochka actor

1963 When the Cossacks crying actor, director, screenwriter

1963 Stitches - track actor

1964 Give plaintive book Actor

1964 Goodbye, boys! actor

1964 Believe it or not ... the actor

1964 Star Ballet Actor

1965 Operation "Y" (a / m k / a "Operation" Y "and other adventures Shurik") actor

1966 Kidnapping, Caucasian Style Actor

1966 Three Fat Actor

1968 Seven elderly people and one girl actor

1969 Old friend of the actor

1971 Went in the tram Ilf and Petrov Actor

1974 Big attraction actor

1974 North Rhapsody actor

1975 Circus in the Circus actor

1980 Comedy actor bygone days

1982 Unexpected, not guessing actor

1982 actor Pokrovsky Gates

1985 Know ours! actor

1986 Good sit! actor

1990 Superman actor

Act 1991, Manya! actor

1992 Spread-2 actor

1992 Shot in the coffin actor

1993 Brave guys actor

1993 Imperial treasures of my grandfather actor

1994 shocker actor

1994 Waltzing certain actor

1994 Lord actors actor Museum of three actors

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