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Year of birth : 1997

Age: 18 years

Place of birth : Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Citizenship : United States


Dzheksonvillskaya team "Yellowcard" was formed in 1997 by six students of the school of arts. The initial composition consisted of Ben Dobson (vocals) , Todd Klerri (guitar, vocals), Ben Harper (guitar) , Sean Makin (violin) , Warren Cook (bass) and Longin Third Parsons (drums) .

In this configuration, a group of in-house has released a couple of CDs, "Midget Tossing" and "Where We Stand".The last of the album was quite different from all other works "Yellowcard" and in some places is rather a mixture of prog and metal than traditional pop-punk. Shortly after its release Dobson lost interest in the project and announced his retirement. At the suggestion of Harper became the new frontman Ryan Key, already had experience in punk bands. In 2000, with the participation Kay was released EP "Still Standing", after which the singer had to take on more responsibilities and departed Todd Klerri. At that time, the musicians seemed to be in Florida for a long time they have to succeed, and they went to southern California.

Yellowcard In 2001-m "Lobster Records" came out Full Movies "One For The Kids", and the following year the firm "Fueled By Ramen Records" released the EP "The Underdog". Both releases were greeted warmly enough, and led the team to to the major contract with "Capitol Records". Meanwhile, between Warren Cook and the rest of the team started squabbling. The case ended up being grumpy bass thrown out the door, and in its place not objective Pete Moseley of " Inspection 12 ". Unfortunately, during the beginning of the session due to personal reasons, Pete was forced to leave, and the rest of the party was finishing Alex Lewis.

Released in 2003 LP "Ocean Avenue" brought "Yellowcard" national reputation ,arousing public interest in the use of such additional non-standard for rock bands of the instrument as the violin. The title track, as well as the composition "Way Away" and "Only One" is firmly stuck in the air of MTV, and the album pretty quickly crossed the platinum mark. Yellowcard In support of their major- debut group held a large-scale tour in the company of artists such as the "Something Corporate", "Less Than Jake", "Matchbook Romance" and "Mae". In the middle of a tour in the Moseley team returned, and because he was a longtime friend of the team ,Lewis then thanked for their work and politely asked to vacate the place. In the wake of the success of "Yellowcard" in late 2004, on the label of Ben Harper`s "Takeover Records" was re-released "Where We Stand". In January 2005, leaving his companions to bask under the California sun, Ryan and Pete went to New York ,which prepared the material for the next studio album.

When the team re- emerged on the public, it turned out that Harper had disappeared. Long time fans wondered what had happened, but then it turned out that Ben too much emphasis was placed on his label, and therefore had to say goodbye to him. In January 2006-of the light it appeared the long-awaited album "Lights And Sounds". The CD debuted in "Billboard" in the fifth position, and its circulation in the first week amounted to 90,000 copies. The subsequent tour of its output instead of Harper went ex- guitarist of "Staring Back" Ryan Mendez.

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Yellowcard picture
Yellowcard photo
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