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No complaints, no problems : a good twist of fate and friendship at first sight, giggling girl singer with a super-elastic voice (Karen O) . vzlohmochenny gitarist-Ripper (Nick Zinner) and drummer with a classical music education (Brian Chase) . Trademarks Yeah Yeah Yeahs - this garage blues- punk of a few chords and voice schoolgirl, howling hyena that Karen sings (if you want a comparison, it is a cross between Erie Up of The Slits and PJ Harvey) . Special chic Yeah Yeah Yeahs provided them with the publication in all leading stylish journals, which dubbed them the "new favorite band The Strokes" after Albert Hammond (guitarist of The Strokes) appeared on television with a brand icon group Yeah Yeah Yeahs on the chest (icon, by the way, in the form of a hare) .

NME meets with the group in NewYork Cafe : they had just returned from a tour in several US cities and the WTO about to fly away with concerts in London. Karen beveled influenza and participate in the conversation via mobile phone, and Nick and Brian slurp coffee from a cup the size of a swimming pool - in order not to fall asleep.

" Everything happens so fast - Nick exhales between sips -it is difficult to get used to this pace. "

In the summer of 200, they were playing with Karen on the guitar with a slider (like this: you - tyuuuu) "slow, quiet and sad songs ," but one day prekrastny Karen suddenly called Nick and said the country : " Let`s put a rock band ! " They met and got drunk all night inventing a name.And all of the following nosch held in the apartment of Nick, fiddling with a drum machine. Two hours later, they had four songs that they played so far.

"We do not know how we want to sound, - says Nick - It was important to the mood :. We wanted to be cheeky, confident, sexy and so cool, what actually never themselves do not feel. Climb up to heaven - that`s what we wanted ! "

A few weeks later they were invited to play the opening act for The White Stripes. Nick and Karen did not know what kind of group, but agreed to play. Only problem was that they did not have a drummer, and then Karen remembered his old university friend of Brian ,who lived with his parents in Long Island.

Since before the Yeah Yeah Yeahs everywhere burned only green light. In November Karen casually acquainted with John Spencer of Blues Explosion Band, and he invited them to go with him on a tour through Europe.

" Actually, we just want to have fun and fool - Nick shrugs. -All of this is incredibly cool and exciting, but we do not want to take themselves too seriously. Of course, I can not speak for Karen - ha ha ! - But if she was here, he would have said simply : " Rock `n` Roll !!! "

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