Yakov Vizel

Picture of Yakov Vizel

Citizenship: Russia


In February 1917, he joined the Jewish Social-Democratic Party "Poale Zion". Since August 1918 fighter Red Guard units in Zhitomir from April 1919 - the ordinary infantry regiment on the southern front; I was wounded. Cadets of military-engineering school in the city of Samara.

Since November 1919 - the assistant commissioner for anti-gang Samara Regional CHK. B September-December, 1921, the political instructor Novograd Volyn requisition, then - head of the Anti-Gang county Cheka. From March to June 1922 he served in the Red Army, sapper company political instructor in the White Church. In 1922-1923. He studied at the military-educational school in Kiev

In the spring of 1923 finally went to the KGB work. He worked as the assistant commissioner of the Vologda provincial department of the OGPU, authorized Shepetivka district department, an employee of the central apparatus of the GPU of the Ukrainian SSR, and then there is section head of the information department. In 1928-1930 gg. He worked in the Joint State Political Directorate assistant chief, chief of department, assistant chief of the information department and political control. From March 1930 to August 1931 - Head of Information - Secret-Political Department of the OGPU plenipotentiary representative in the Moscow region.

From August 1931 to March 1932 the chief instructor of the State internal security of the Mongolian People`s Republic. Since 1932, the OGPU-NKVD Far East region: the head of the special departments of the Trans-Baikal and the Maritime Forces Group Special Red Banner Far Eastern Army, head of the Primorsky regional department of the GPU-NKVD, while the Special Department of Naval Forces of the Far East.

He was awarded two marks "Honorary worker Cheka-GPU."

He was arrested in August 1937 died in the investigation period (poisoned hidden poison previously).