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Year of birth : 1973

Age: 42 year

Place of birth : San Francisco, USA

Citizenship : United States


"Y and T" many times were close to conquer the rock `n ` roll of Olympus, but every time luck eluded them either because of some mistakes, or because of the usual bad luck.

"Y and T" many times were close to conquer the rock `n ` roll of Olympus, but each time success eluded them, either because of some errors ,either because of the usual bad luck. Being very effective on stage, the musicians have not been able to transfer their skills into the studio concert. This group of San Francisco was founded in 1973, borrowing its name ("Yesterday and today") from the "Beatles". The first team members were Dave Meniketti (vocals, guitar) Phil Kennemor (bass) and Leonard Haze (drums) . When they were joined by guitarist Joey Elwes, the four began to tour the West Coast, opening concerts of "Journey" and "Doobie brothers".

In the end, the musicians managed to conclude a contract with the label "London records", was released in 1976 titled album "Yesterday and today".This album, as well as the following "Struck down" failed, resulting in the group remained without a contract. Musicians did not disperse, but continued to earn his living in concert performances.

Y and TIh perseverance was rewarded In 1981, when he was offered a long-term contract from a positive "A & M records".Then the name of the group was reduced to "Y and T". The debut album on the new label had good success, and the team received a further opportunity for promotion, opening concerts of such monsters as the "Kiss" and "AC / DC". The team also performed well at the festival "Monsters of rock" in Donington. Inspired by the band returned to the studio ,to record another LP, "Black tiger". However, despite the strong material, it went down the drain because of the nefarious work of producer Chris Tsangaridesa. Oddly enough, but the "Y and T" continued cooperation with this type and on the next album.

The result was again disappointing, though one song, "Midnight in Tokyo",I had some international success. Subsequent releases, "In rock we trust" and "Down for the count", also turned faded, and only live album "Open fire" command to somehow rehabilitate itself. But by that time a new generation of talented musicians, and "Y and T" were again in the second tier.

Y andTTem time collaboration group "A & M" came to an end, and was marked by the release of a collection of the best things "Best of` 81 - `85 ". But the struggle for survival continues, and in this case the team decided to help David Kalodner, in due time to untwist "Aerosmith". He signed to the team "Geffen records",and at the same time advised to replace Jimmy Hayes on Degrassi. After the release of " Contagious " group left another " old man ," Joey Elwes, providing strum the guitar Stefa Burns. However Meniketti and Kennemora forces only enough for a single studio work, and they announced in 1990, the dissolution of the "Y and T".Five years later, a team to revive in its original composition. After recording a couple of albums, "Y and T" again suspended their activities. Meniketti solo career, but the band still occasionally got together again to please fans of his old fighters such as "I believe in you", "Barroom boogie" or "Mean streak".The last such reunion was held in 2001. From the initial composition was absent only Elwes, who has ceded his place Stefa Burns.

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