Picture of Xzibit

Place of Birth : Detroit, USA

Citizenship : United States


Xzibit - Eminem is black. Too synchronous and parallel to their creative destiny.

At 9 years old he was left without a mother, at 14, he deeply inhaled the air of the street, and 17 finally left home, went to California. For what? It is natural to become a hip hop star. As is known, the position on the post rap star is not so much as we would like to think. Therefore, the struggle for them being fierce. We can not say that Xzibit it did not succeed. But first and special laurels not won.

But in order. A native of MotorCity have found a common language with the participants Likwit Crew - party, uniting members of several teams from the west coast, including nebezyzyvestnyh Tha Alkoholiks. Since 1995, he is considered one of the members of this association, takes part in a couple of hit records of the same " Alcoholics "and just a year later released his debut album - on Loud / RCA label, which was considered at that time home to Wu-Tang Clan. The CD, entitled "All The Speed Of Life" has brought millions - but they did not expect from a debutant.

But there were first harbingers of future popularity : the audience appreciated the song "Paparazzi",where young Xzibit talks about his view on the situation in the industry. As befits youth, opinion pathetic and uncompromising : X shames niggas, who are involved in the rap game only for the money and fame. Dude, do not be naive, of course everything is exactly what happens. Money is interested in all - otherwise we will be able to pump a wheelbarrow in the workshop of West Coast Customs?

Gifts good doctor

Rapper with a characteristic sharp expressive voice continued to work, and the next disc " 40 Dayz & 40 Nights " was marked by the growth of sold and a positive assessment of the critics. Xzibit was awarded the sonorous title of West Coast Finest and hailed as one of the most promising talents of the west coast. Then what happens to our meeting with the Cinderella fairy. Dr. Dre looks a little like a fairy, well, what of it - is not the first time he sends an ugly duckling next novice to the ball big hip-hop at its best attire, with the condition ,that if by 12 am you will not sell a million copies, then your head will turn into a pumpkin.

Dre was given a chance and this guy. On account of Xzibit song "Bitch Please", produced by Dre to Snoop album Dogg`a, participated in the track "Some LA Niggaz" from Dre historical records in 2001, and has some interesting joint projects. In 2000-th Xzibit traveled across America with a tour Up in Smoke, with the participation of aces like Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Ice Cube. Dre also worked on the third album Hzibit "Restless", which became the most successful of his career. The turn of a million copies of it obeyed, and it is always the result of grand master. Typically, the third album of any rapper think about creating your own record company. Xzibit was no exception : in 2000, he establishes the label Open Bar Entertainment. In his free creative and administrative activities during Xzibit was introduced to the world of cinema. He played a role in the comedy "Wash" (" sink ") ,where it is not weighed only the laziest of Californian rappers. And also briefly appeared on screen in "Eight Mile " Eminem.

In 2002 he released the fourth album Xzibit "Man vs Machine", on which he entered into battle with a ruthless system of automated and globalized world. In general, Shelli Babylon Fall. Xzibit`u helped fellow countrymen from the Golden State : Ras` Kass and Alkoholics, as well as the more famous Snoop and Eminem. To some surprise, X-to-the-Z passed the position and was able to win a gold disc mark.


Literate manager - half the success. Paul Rosenberg (remember Eminem every album recalls it in monasteries ?) Did their bestthat his career was rushed to the ward Celestial heights. And if rap Xzibit - solid middle peasant, but not a superstar Eminem rank, then you need to look for other ways of realization of his talents. This path has been found. Xzibit got into television.

In the role of a leading television show Pimp My Ride (Pimp My Ride) , it significantly raised its rating ,and even people who have no idea, what is different from the West Coast East Coast, learn in his new video " guy who pumps the cars. " The weekly half-hour show, where craftsmen from any avtomusora shop West Coast Customs make the object of envy for other motorists, is of great interest among the MTV audience. Incidentally,X could not resist the temptation to use his official position and circulated just two personal avtomonstra - Hummer H2 and a Mercedes-Benz S500.

Its current popularity is the fact that it Xzibit`u entrusted to conduct the ceremony MTV EMA 2004 in Rome. Very timely a PRmove: up to release of the next album, Weapon of Mass Destruction left nothing at all.


All The Speed Of Life / RCA / 1996

40 Dayz & 40 Nights / RCA / 1998

Restless / Loud / 2000

Man vs Machine / Columbia / 2002

Weapon of Mass Destruction / Sony / 2004

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