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Despite the fact that a group of "XYZ" appeared on the American soil, founded its emigrants from Europe, vocalist Terry Ilous and bass player Patty Fontaine, arrived in Los Angeles in search of rock `n ` roll luck. Two other members of the team were drummer Joey Pafyumi and guitarist Bobby Piper. Initially, the musicians have relied on nightlife, located on the Sunset Strip, and from the club became a favorite place for "The Whiskey". In the four years of club appearances team gained a lot of fans, but was needed for further development contract. In an effort to take possession of this paper, "XYZ" nastrogat fair amount of demosWhich are sent out into all sorts of places.

At that time, the musicians even managed to record a full album for "Atlantic Records", but the material for unknown reasons, was abandoned on a shelf where lain for many years. Meanwhile, there have been a part of some changes, and by the end of the 80`s guitar went to Mark Dilo and drums got Paul Monroe. XYZ Finally in 1989, "XYZ" made a deal with "Enigma Records" and debuted with a self-titled album. Produced work of Don Dokken, have seen the live performances of the team and decided that it had good potential. However, the public reaction was far from expectations, and the album took only 99th placeAlthough the song "Inside Out" and "What Keeps Me Loving You" received a sufficient number of esters. Some better than was the case with the concert activity : "XYZ" on tour in a bundle with Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, "Steppenwolf", Ozzy Osbourne, "Foreigner", "Alice In Chains" and "Enuff` Z Nuff ", and conducted its own club tour. In 1991, the team went under the wing of the "Capitol Records" and released their second LP, "Hungry". In addition to his own compositions on the disc the group was present version of the blockbuster "Free", "Fire and Water". Produced plate George residues, however, whether his professionalism yielded Dokken, whether all the material has been weakerbut the album commercially losing his predecessor.

XYZ Replacing Dilo Tony Marcus and Monroe on Joey Shapiro, the group held a farewell tour and announced self-destruction. Subsequently Ilous with guitarist "King Kobra" Jeff Northrop worked in projects "Cage" and "Flynn", and Fontaine and Shapiro organized the group "Puzzle Gut".Return to "XYZ" was held in 2002, when Terry started a new version of the team with Paul Monroe and two " newcomers ", Northrop and Sean McNabb (ex- "Great White"). Mark Dilo, although not officially involved in the reunion, but had a hand in the creation of multiple tracks, caught straight from the tin on the LP "Letter To God".The release was marred by the death of his son Ilousa which vocalist and dedicated this CD.

Despite such tragic circumstances, touring in support of "Letter To God" is still held. In 2005, one after another, there were two discs of "XYZ": first under the name of "Rainy Days" is the first album was released, no one knows where lain for nearly 20 yearsAnd then came a collection of "Forbidden Demos 1985/1991".

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