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Having read of antique manuscripts,studying a lot of myths and legends of ancient China and viewing excitedly almost all Asian films about the Shaolin and martial arts, dozens of talented blacks from the Staten Island (New York) joined in their works the past and future, become living legends of poetry and rap, developed his own unique style.

WU-TANG CLAN -one of the conceptual structures not only in repperskom world, but also in the whole musical get-together. Having read of antique manuscripts, studying a lot of myths and legends of ancient China and avidly viewing almost all Asian films about the Shaolin and martial arts,dozens of talented blacks from the Staten Island (New York) joined in their works the past and future, become living legends of poetry and rap, has developed his own unique style.

The idea to organize something like this occurred to GZA / The Genius (real name Gary Grice), who,like his cousin RZA / Prince Rakeem (Robert Diggs) I did not take place as a solo rapper and neighbors searched the road to fame. They are connected to the project of another cousin brother Ol `Dirty Bastard (Russell Jones), and in 1992 entered the initial composition of the WU-TANG CLAN. Then,RZA managed to gather in one group of childhood friends and just good friends who lived in the neighborhood on Staten Island, and as a result in 1993 WU-TANG CLAN signed a record deal with Loud / RCA Records, and cunning RZA made so that each individual member of the clan also received contracts with other labels, as an independent rapper.Thus, the clan began to have an impact on the biggest hip-hop labels the East Coast, and about four hundred permanent and not members of his family have received excellent starting conditions for fruitful work. For a long time the clan was 9 key figures, but after the second album Cappadonna (Darryl Hill) became a member of the WU-TANG CLAN,which at that time included: RZA, GZA, Ol `Dirty Bastard, Inspectah Deck (Jason Hunter) Raekwon (Corey Woods) , U-God (Lamont Hawkins) , Ghostface Killah (Dennis Coles) , Method Man (Clifford Smith) and Master Killa (Jamal Turner) . DJ Mathematics - basic DJ clan and one of the regular producers.He was with them from the beginning and commissioned RZA developed their famous logo before the release of the single "Protect Ya Neck",

when there was no time to search for artists and designers. It is also not the last person in the production company RZA Razor Sharp Records. Other producers of family and clan WU-TANG with RZA label: 4th Disciple,True Master, RNS and RZA himself. The WU-TANG family includes a variety of third-party projects, and fellow rappers, who regularly appear on the albums of the clan and its members. But constant of them are considered to be basically just: 1. BROOKLIN ZU - close to Ol `Dirty Bastard and WU-TANG CLAN group of Lord Buddah Monk, Murdock, Zu Keeper,Shorty Shit Stain, Cherokee Chief and 12 O`Clock (younger brother Ol `Dirty Bastard). Sam Ol `Dirty often saysThat he is a part BROOKLIN ZU, but always informally, however, as Shabazz The Disciple and 62th Assassin. ZU MANCHUZ also part of BROOKLIN ZU, but are both independent group. 2. ZU MANCHUZ - Division BROOKLIN ZU.Comprising Gaugesta Menace, Spiritual Assassin and the Drunken Dragon.As long as their account is only one guest appearance on the single Lord Buddah Monk "Gots Like Come On Thru` "under the name" Nitemare On Zu Street ", but they are planning to soon record a debut single and the disc, which will produce the Lord Buddah Monk. 3. GRAVEDIGGAZ -one of the RZA side projects with Prince Paul, Fruitkwan and Too Poetic.The group recorded three albums and has a solid fan base. Prince Paul left them six years ago and is now busy with a solo career and super project. 4. SUNZ OF MAN - one of the hottest teams of the WU-TANG camp. Along with Killah Priest, it includes Prodigal Sunn,Hell Razah and 60 Second Assassin.For a time, her fifth participant was Shabazz The Disciple. 5. Shabazz The Disciple - very popular Brooklyn WU-TANG- "family man", appearing on recordings and GRAVEDIGGAZ SUNZ OF MAN. On his account for four solo singles and one album on the label of the Lord Jamar BRAND NUBIAN Gods Work. 6. KILLARMY -even some newcomers as part of Killa Sin, Shogun Assassin, 9th Prince (aka North Star and the Madman), Baretta 9 (a.k.a. Born), Dom Pachino (aka P. R. Terrorist) and Islord, which happens to be in places not so remote. KILLARMY debut CD called "Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars",and at this time they recorded two singles "Camouflage Ninjas / Wake Up" and "Wu-Renegades / Clash Of The Titans". 7

. Street Life - one of the young rappers, whose voice can often be heard on the records of the clan. On the album "Wu-Tang Forever" he read on the tracks "Hellz Wind Staff" and "Deadly Melody", the disc Method Man "Tical" - in "Mr.Sandman "and along with Inspectah Deck and U-God - a very popular single". Semi-Automatic Full Rap Metal Jacket ".Who recorded his debut album 8. Shyheim - appeared on WU-TANG entries very early Before that, he recorded. two "teenage" solo "Shyheim AKA The Rugged Child" and "The Lost Generation",which was made by producer RZA (who also read them). It is also an excellent poet and his new album "Me Vida Loca" is worth listening to. 9.ROYAL FAM - it Timbo King (aka King Tymel), Dark Ages and Mighty Jarrett. Timbo was familiar with GZA very long time, and later his group was represented by its producer RZA and Ol `Dirty Bastard.Once ROYAL FAM were part of the rap collective UNITED KINGDOM, but decided to leave it and since then often performed with Dreddy Kruger, SUNZ OF MAN, COINS, Spark and 950 ROSE FAMILY. 10. Carleton Fisk - this nigga debuted on two tracks of the first album Method Man "Tical" ("P.L.O. Style" and "Mr. Sandman").Its position is very similar to the Street Life: is no contract, the first disc is recorded, etc. But this guy clearly has talent. He has already proved it, regularly speaking and being interviewed along with Inspectah Deck, Raekwon and Street Life. 11. Blue Raspberry - one of the two main vocalists WU-TANG CLAN and GRAVEDIGGAZ. However,she also has a contract with Razor Sharp Records and soon to appear debut solo album, rich in WU-TANG- voice, and Produced by RZA. 12.Tekitha - and this is just the second female vocalist of the clan, whose voice cut in the Clan `s second album" Wu-Tang Forever "and solo Killah Priest, Cappadonna and Ghostface Killah.Only her own single called "The Second Coming". 13. Remedy - enough fresh face in the family. His first solo album called "Word To Live By", and it -... white (yes, yes, do not be surprised). Many fans of the WU-TANG were shocked to see this white guy (besides also a Jew) in the company of RZA and others, but it is a fact - WU-TANG CLAN -no not racist, how many times it was reported in the press. 14. VENOM - it`s female counterpart WU-TANG CLAN.Pervonachalno they called themselves DEADLY VENOMS, but they were forced to change the sign, as it already existed under the command of that name. The group 5 rapper: Lin Que in New York (formerly Isis of X-CLAN), N-Tyce North Carolina (having a single asset in the "Hush Hush Tip" with Method Man and RZA), Finesse from Pittsburgh (ex- FINESSE aND SYNQUIS), J-Boo, and Champ MC.They can hear you on the latest solo Method Man and Kurupt, as they have their own debut album. 15. La The Darkman - closely associated with Ol `Dirty Bastard, KILLARMY and Raekwon. 16. Mekeba Mooncycle - another rapper, but not associated with the clan, and with SUNZ OF MAN.She is the older sister Prodigal Sunn and was involved in the famous single SUNZ OF MAN "We Can not Be Touched". Also plans to pursue a solo career. 17. MASSIVE -one of the last groups that have signed a deal with former manager John Clan "Flour" Gibbons "Protect Ya Neck Records". Not so long ago they teamed up with labelmates VENOM, MMD and Dennay Riley and recorded a compilation of "Hot Butter: A New Chamber ". The new album is also in the process of writing. .

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