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Denim brand `Wrangler` Vacuum ` VF Corporation`. Headquartered `Wrangler` is located in downtown Greensboro ,North Carolina in the United States (Greensboro, North Carolina, USA), and production facilities are located in various places around the world. In 1996, every fifth pair of jeans sold in America, has been selected from the collections of `Wrangler`.

In 1897 20 -year-old K. Hudson left the farm in Williamson County, Tennessee (Williamson County, Tennessee),and he headed to North Carolina, hoping to earn a lot of money to gain momentum in the textile industry. He got a job in a factory, where the clothing was produced. Hudson, in fact, every day sewing on buttons, for which he received only a quarter of a dollar. In 1904 the factory went bankrupt. Together with friends Hudson bought several sewing machines, Rented space in the grocery store and registered a company called `Hudson Overall Company`.

`Hudson Overall Company` also manufactures clothing. By 1919 th company moved to a new building and began to be known as `Blue Bell Overall Company` (lit.. ` ` Blue Overalls kolokol`) . The legend says,that staff working with the railroad, which bought the clothes Hudson, gave him a bell. The Hanged Man in the shop with a gift of time covered with blue dust, like everything else in the shop. That is why the name of the company acquired a kind of `Blue Bell Overall Company`.

In 1936-m clothing line was launched `Super Big Ben Overalls` with special ` Sanforized` tissue, which after washing sadilas` ` no more than one percent. This has become a standard procedure in the manufacture of jeans. In 1943 the firm `Blue Bell` was bought by ` Casey Jones Work-Clothes Company`. In 1946-m started to develop a denim line for cowboys, which was hired by the famous tailor Rodeo Ben (Rodeo Ben). Employees are offered on a competitive basis to come up with a new name for the denim brand, and won the option `Wrangler` (lit.. Sporschik` ` ` kovboy`) , a word that perfectly describes one of the cowboys working in a factory.

In 1947 ,after the development of the design and testing of prototypes of thirteen pairs of jeans, the company `Blue Bell` unveiled a trial line ` Wrangler 11MWZ` for American cowboys. The new pants are made of ` a broken sarzhi` ; without rivets on the back pockets, so as not to scratch the seat ; with comfortable back pockets, reinforced seams in step and zip fastener. The promotion of `Wrangler 11MWZ` attended a rodeo legend.

In 1952 the name `Wrangler 11MWZ` replaced by ` Wrangler 13MWZ`, to reflect, as required fabric to create a pair of jeans in ounces per square yard.

In 1962, the factory earned `Blue Bell` in Belgium (Belgium), and ` Wrangler` brand was successfully launched in Europe.Ten years later, `Wrangler` jeans became an icon of youth culture became directly associated with teenagers around the world.

In 1974, a professional association of cowboys Rodeo PRCA officially became a brand endorser `Wrangler Jeans`.

In 1983, the brand `Wrangler` sponsored the football club Nottingham Forest` ` (`Nottingham Forest`).

In 1986-m `Blue Bell` became part of ` VF Corporation`, and this step will set the stage for the global success of the brand `Wrangler`. In ten years every fifth pair of jeans sold in America was with tag `Wrangler`. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the `Wrangler 13MWZ`, in 1997, it was released a special collector`s edition jeans.

In 2001-m started producing jeans `Wrangler` in Mexico (Mexico).

In 2005, the factory closed last `Wrangler` in the United States.

In 2001, the brand `Wrangler` held a contest, which invited participants to come up with something new in the design. Jeans design winner, Song Anh Nguyen, were soon launched in the market.

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