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Year of birth : 2010

Age : 5 years

Place of birth : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Citizenship : United States

Yachts, the sea and dream pop

`Work Drugs` - popular American dream pop band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), founded in 2010, the year. Despite the fact that the `Work Drugs` received best known as the dream- pop band, they also play in such genres as chillwave, new wave and synth-pop.

Drim-pop, to date, very popular all over the world, began to form in the 1980s, gradually separating from the psychedelic rock - from which the dream- pop sound is partly inherited - and post-punk, the main atmospheric and emotional component of the new style.For two decades, a new trend experienced its ups and downs, until the early 2000s did not survive the sudden rebirth, actually opened its modern musicians. At the time of foundation in 2010, the year `Work Drugs` not really thought about what style will carry their critics and their fans appreciate - then the guys wanted to write music ,under which everyone would like to sail on yachts, dancing, flirting and just live. Their work began to develop so fast that after only 4 years after the founding of `Work Drugs` released 6 albums and today preparing to release 7 of the plate.

Founded as a duo in 2010, the year,`Work Drugs` today comprises five musicians : Krystal Thomas (Thomas Crystal), Louisiana Benjamin (Benjamin Louisiana), Kathy Nix (Katie Nicks), Jonas On (Jonas Ohh) and bass guitarist, hiding under the pseudonym ` Mr. Kansas City`. The founders of the group were Thomas and Ben ,who met by chance at school and yachting also accidentally discovered similar musical tastes and a desire to write and play their own music. Part of it is a yacht club was the guiding star group in the first stages of its development: the passion for sports and struggles with the elements, the band began to write music ,which would be the most suited for cruises that are laughing musicians often ended too noisy and crowded.

Constantly musicians were friends in the community, who sometimes allowed himself a pretty bold conclusions about their work ; so the description of the group, invented their friend Eduardo (Eduardo S.),still appears in the interview, as well as used by musicians : ` Best Philadelphia band to play at a party on the occasion of the bar and mittsvy kinseanery`. Nevertheless, the group quickly gained the attention of local newspapers and magazines, and soon became interested in duet and critics of national magazines. The first work of the group - in particular ,their album `Summer Blood`, released in the summer of 2011 - compared with the work of the popular jazz-rock group ` Steely Dan`.

Debut studio album `Summer Blood` was published independently musicians, but after some months after the operation ` Work Drugs` signed a contract with the label `Bobby Cahn Records`,which until today helps musicians to record albums and tour organization. In November of the same year the band presented the work `Aurora Lies`, which includes both new songs and unreleased compositions. One of the songs from the album - `Rad Racer` - has been used in advertising ` Urban Outfitters`,a popular musician `XXYYXX` recorded a remix of her.

In 2012, the group expanded with new musicians and for the first time gave a number of concerts in North America (North America). Musicians gave a solo show, and shared the platform several times with other popular groups : `Two Door Cinema Club`,` Maps & Atlases`, `Memoryhouse` and many others.Releasing a new album with surprising frequency, `Work Drugs` won the hearts of listeners around the world and became one of the most popular dream pop groups in the world. Their latest album `Insurgents` is preparing to release in March 2014. ; in January, the Internet appeared the first singles ,which showed some changes in the band`s sound and allowed to call the upcoming album, one of the most anticipated in 2014.

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