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Year of birth: 1830

Age: 185 years

Citizenship: United StatesThe oldest American clothing manufacturer

Nowadays,the company `Woolrich` not as great as 40 years ago, but their name is still known all over the country and abroad. For more than 180 years of history of the company and seen the ups and downs, being able to withstand all reserved on its share of trials and become the oldest US now. The company `Woolrich Inc.`Was founded in 1830 by John Rich (John Rich) and Daniel McCormick (Daniel McCormick); now it is considered to be the oldest manufacturer of outdoor clothing in the United States. John and Daniel, however, on such a scale is hardly oriented - originally they planned to deliver a tissue wives of hunters, trappers and lumberjacks.Later `Woolrich` opened a new market - they delivered clothes and fabrics for the needs of the Civil War.

In 1830 the main production capacity of the company has been picker located in Dannsteyble, Clinton County, Pennsylvania (Dunnstable Township, Clinton County, Pennsylvania). In 1843-m wool production stopped due to water problems for two years; later the company bought 300 acres near the town of Pine Creek (Pine Creek) and built a new factory there.

In 1843 Rich McCormick bought from his share; in 1845 - m company moved to new facilities. The factory in Pine Creek to the present day has not lived,however headquartersCompany apartment is still right there; Now the town of Woolrich (Woolrich, Pennsylvania) grew up around the former factory. The first factory of the company, by the way, survived; there now are equipped with warehouses and accommodations.

In 1985, this factory - `Wool Factory Reach Makkormik` -was entered in the National Register of Historic Places. For some time the reins of the company in the hands of Robert Rich (Robert F. Rich,), an outstanding leader and a prominent Republican (even had time to work in the US House of Representatives). In the period from 1931 to 1951 - th Rich actively supported the New Deal, and -like many other members of his family - Lycoming College.

In 1939 -m Richard Byrd (Richard E. Byrd) went on an expedition to Antarctica (Antarctic); clothing for the expedition, he ordered it from `Woolrich`.

In 70 - ies of XX century, the company fared well as ever; Alas, soon after entering the peak began to fall.The main problem many companies have become competitors - companies like `LLBean`,` Eddie Bauer`, `The Timberland Company`,` The North Face`, `Patagonia` and ` Columbia Sportswear` clearly did not want to leave all that `Woolrich` share of the market, to which the old firm so used.

In 1990-m `Woolrich` were forced to give up half of its staff to 2,600 people - due to the blatant lack of orders ;

in the same year have been closed (approximately 5 years) production facilities in Pennsylvania, Nebraska (Nebraska) and Colorado (Colorado). Most of the work was subcontracted to Mexico;mainly `amerikanskom` company employs approximately 1,400 people left. And this number, however, was not the final - to 2008 -th the company remains 500 employees, and by 2013 - 200.

In May 2013, the company declared its desire to increase the `amerikanskiy` staff, so that in the future this number could still rise.

In 2007President and CEO of Roswell Brighton Jr. (Roswell Brayton, Jr.) died at the headquarters `Woolrich`.Brighton was the sixth generation Richey at the helm of the company; current president and vice president of the company - Brighton Nick (Nick Brayton) Rich and Joshua (Joshua Rich) - are, respectively, the seventh and eighth generations.The position of CEO in the company recently held John Ranelli (John Ranelli); in January 2013, however, He became president and CEO of `Central Garden & Pet Company`, retaining only` Woolrich` presidency of the Council.

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