Wolfgang Bohmer

Picture of Wolfgang Bohmer

Place of birth: Durrhennersdorf

Citizenship: Germany


The fact that it was 66-year-old Professor Wolfgang Bohmer has led the Christian Democrats to victory in the state election in Saxony-Anhalt, is not devoid of piquancy. Six months ago, many, even within the CDU, would not put his hand over it to the fire. Among its drawbacks called advanced age, lack of brightness, the inability to become a symbol of hope. It noticed many members of the party, but no one tried to propose another candidate. In the evening on April 21, all these objections were withdrawn themselves. Discreet candidate turned into a brilliant winner. And now no one doubts that he will become prime minister of Saxony-Anhalt (the main city of Magdeburg).

Born in Durrhennersdorf (Saxony). In his "first" life was a physician, it has long been the chief doctor of the gynecological department of the city hospital. The policy came after the stormy events related to the unification of Germany. With 90-year represented the CDU in the state parliament. From 1991 to 1994 he headed the first land the Ministry of Finance, and then - Social Affairs. When in 1998 the Christian Democrats suffered a crushing defeat in the elections, Bohmer elected for the vacant place of the leader of the party organization in Saxony-Anhalt.

Today, many believe that thoughtful and sometimes too quiet policy of the CDU managed to return to the path of success in the whole country. He did it without loud statements and catchy slogans. Bohmer called a very pragmatic man without ideological blinkers. This is recognized and his political rivals.

Widower with a son. Recently, however, with him even more often notice his colleague on the first profession - 47-year-old nurse Brigitte Klein. They say, in Saxony-Anhalt will soon be a new first Frau.