Witold Hurewicz

Picture of Witold Hurewicz

Date of Birth: 06/29/1904

Age: 52

Place of Birth: Lodz

Citizenship: Poland


Gurevich was born in the territory of tsarist Russia into a Jewish family. When the First World War and the Warsaw came under the control of the Germans, the Polish Warsaw University became the university and there began to accumulate Polish scientists from across the country, the University was for the time a fairly considerable scientific tsentrom.Kogda Gurevich studied at the University of Warsaw, he became acquainted with the principles of the new then the branch of mathematics - topology. After graduation Gurevich continued his education in Vienna under the guidance of renowned scientists - Hanoi and Menger. After defending his thesis in 1926, he received a Rockefeller scholarship and went to Amsterdam, where he was assistant to Brouwer eminent topologist in 1928-1936. He then spent a year at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton, NJ), and then under the threat of war and fascism decided to stay in SShA.Gennady Gurevich and Alex Gruzberg play Fibich`s Poeme Major works in the field of general topology (dimension theory) and algebraic topology. In homotopy theory he introduced the notion of higher homotopy groups and homology theory - the exact sequence - one of the basic concepts of homological algebra. Most of the work done Gurevich in applied mathematics, exploring the work of servos. His death was absolutely ridiculous - he died after falling from a Mayan pyramid in Mexico, where he was at a symposium in topology.