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Place of Birth: West Virginia

Citizenship: United States


William was born in West Virginia (West Virginia), grew up - in Bowling Green, Ohio (Bowling Green, Ohio). The State University of Bowling Green (Bowling Green State University) Easterly received a bachelor; PhD thesis he wrote in the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). 16 years old William served as a research economist at the World Bank (World Bank), simultaneously acting as an adjunct professor at the School of International Studies, the Paul Nitze (Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies).

The World Bank Easterly worked from 1985 to 2001; as already mentioned, he served first as a research economist, and then - as a senior adviser on macroeconomics and the development theory. Later, William obtained a position at the Institute for International Economics (Institute for International Economics) and the Center for Global Development (Center for Global Development); since 2003, the year he moved to New York University, where he began to teach. Teaching his work is certainly not limited to - William continued to practice economy, working in the developing world and in countries with economies in transition; destiny carried him around the world - Easterly had visited in Africa (Africa), Latin America (Latin America) and Russia.

Scientist of this level simply could not publish a series of books. In 2001, the world saw `In search of growth. Adventure economists tropikah` ( `The Elusive Quest for Growth: Economists`Adventures and Misadventures in the Tropics`); five years was published not less than brilliant `The burden of the white man: Why are Western attempts to help others have brought so much misery and so little use` ( `The White Man` s Burden: Why the West `s Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill and So Little Good`). William participated in the writing of three other books and 46 articles in major economic journals.

Proceedings Easterly often discussed in various major media sources - `National Public Radio`, `BBC`, `New York Times`, `Wall Street Journal`, `Washington Post`, `The Economist`, `The New Yorker`, ` Forbes`, `Business Week`,` Financial Times` and `Christian Science Monitor`. In general, in the works Easterly inclined to express skepticism about a number of activities designed to help other countries. In `` In search of growth William carefully analyzed the reasons for Third World countries, in spite of all foreign support (and sometimes - and it iz-za) failed to achieve at least skolko-nibud serious economic growth, efficiency and debunked a number of funds, that since the second world war is a real economic panacea. In `The burden of white cheloveka` Easterly developed this theme, criticizing a number of prominent philanthropists like Geldoffa Bob (Bob Geldoff) and Bono (Bono) and economists colleagues - especially Jeffrey Sachs (Jeffrey Sachs). Sachs, by the way, are indebted to be criticized and did not want to answer the theory of William, accusing him of excessive pessimism and propensity to underestimate the progress achieved earlier.

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