William James Adams

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Birthday : 15. 03.1975 years

Age: 41 year

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : SShARost : 177 sm

Originalnoe name: William James Adams

Original name: William James Adams

short biography

William Adams was born in 1975 in California, in Los Angeles.

From a young age he is engaged in view of the dance " breakdance ". In high school, he met a future participant in the hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas apl.de.ap (Allen Pineda). Along with him, Will decides to drop out of school (eighth grade) and devote his life to dance and songwriting. Then they dance group called "Tribal nation". Later guys " moved away " from the break-dance and went deeper in napicanie songs.They soon renamed themselves as "Atban Klann" (in the reduction of "A Tribe Beyond a Nation"). The group has experienced many dangers, and even after the death of the head (Easy-E) Ruthless Records label, who signed a contract with them for cooperation, not lose heart, and take to himself MC Taboo (Jaime Gomez) , and further act by the name "Black Eyed Peas ".Will takes his nickname will.i.am (from William), and selects the job of producer groups. He also holds the position of soloist, drummer and bassist. In 2003, he wrote a song, famous throughout the world, "Where is the love". In February 2004, he opens his clothes "i.am clothers" line. The clothes began to dress, many well-known personalities. Now the singer is going up and down to do producing pop stars and writing songs for films. A family. He lives in Los Angeles with her mother Debra Cain, nanny Sara Cain, the older brother Carl. Also, like his mate Taboo Group, Will decided to marry, admitting this to the public at one of the award of the Mtv awards. As is known,his bride is a young journalist Nicole Roinskaya. According to the press said that even rumored that Nicole is pregnant.

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